National SRL group commends NSBS access to justice efforts

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) has given a shout-out to the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.

In its October newsletter, the group announced Darrel Pink as its first “Access to Justice All-Star” from Nova Scotia. He joins a growing roster of seven others from across the country; see the NSRLP’s Access to Justice All-Stars webpage for details. 

Mr. Pink was nominated and chosen “because of his unique and important skills in collaboration and bringing together the right people to have the right conversations to be able to move forward access to justice projects and initiatives,” the NSRLP said in its Oct. 27 announcement.

“Through his leadership the Society is leading the way on a number of important and innovative access to justice projects that focus on the needs of equity-seeking and economically disadvantaged communities.”

The writeup mentions the Society’s Access to Justice Action Plan, its forum last June on innovative legal services delivery, and its workshop in October 2013 with the Action Committee on Access to Justice, a high-level national stakeholders group committed to improving access to legal services and the justice system.

The award announcement also mentions the Society’s workshop happening this week with Dr. Julie Macfarlane, NSRLP’s Project Director. She will be in Halifax on Wednesday, November 12 to lead the discussion at a session titled Working with the Self-Represented Litigant Challenge: New tools and strategies for lawyers. For more details, see the event notice.

The NSRLP is continuing to build on the National Self-Represented Litigants Research Study conducted by Dr. Macfarlane from 2011-2013. NSRLP is committed to collaboration to enhance the responsiveness of the Canadian justice system to SRLs, and to continuing dialogue among the stakeholders who include SRLs, lawyers, judges and court services staff.

Follow the organization’s efforts online at, in its blog and on Facebook at Representing yourself in a legal action; Dr. Macfarlane’s updates are also available on Twitter @ProfJulieMac.