National pro bono award for Halifax lawyer

Julien Matte

Julien Matte, Senior Counsel, North End Law, received the Canadian National Pro Bono Distinguished Service Award at the National Pro Bono Conference held in Vancouver October 4. He received the award in recognition of his significant and outstanding contribution to promoting access to justice in Nova Scotia and across Canada over the past three years. 

This event brings the Canadian legal community together to honour a lawyer for distinguished service in the provision of pro bono legal services. Julien’s exemplary service includes writing a self-help guide for self-represented individuals, volunteering with LISNS to support its wills app and small claims court app as well as public legal information sessions across the province and training of public navigators, volunteering at the Free Legal Clinic at The Law Courts and volunteering to assist French-speaking Nova Scotians, in addition to providing pro bono support through his practice.

In the photo: Julien Matte of North End Law, celebrating his national award with Heather de Berdt Romilly, Executive Director of LISNS. LISNS received an honourable mention at the event for digital innovation, in relation to its legal information apps.