LISNS: Free Wills Clinic Coffee Campaign

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) is providing free wills clinics to seniors in need in the communities of North Preston, East Preston and Cherry Brook.  

LISNS Poster

It is estimated that more than 500 seniors in the Preston communities do not have a will. We are partnering with volunteer lawyers, law students and paralegals to provide this important service. 

LISNS does not have a budget for this work. A small donation will make a big difference to offering these free wills clinics. It will help to cover the cost of transportation and location as the clinics are held in the Preston communities. Find out more about providing a donation.

More information on the Free Wills Clinic project:

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Over the past year, LISNS held six wills clinics and served 24 clients in the Preston area, in a pilot project that led to this new effort. 

Supporting the land title clarification process through free wills

Also since the spring of 2015, LISNS has been working collaboratively with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society to develop materials for people living in the Preston area around wills planning and the land title clarification process. Many seniors have felt frustrated by the land title issues and viewed these as a reason for not making a will. 

Our free wills clinics give seniors the opportunity to express their wishes regarding land even if the title is unclear, which can provide important peace of mind to seniors who have been dealing with conflict over land title issues for a long period of time.

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