Legal Services Regulation Solo and Small Firm Working Group

Legal Services Regulation Committees & Working Groups


The Solo and Small Firm Working Group makes recommendations on all aspects of the implementation of Triple P regulation for sole practitioners and small firms (solos & smalls), with focus on the measures to be taken by the Society when solos and smalls get started in the profession (e.g., when opening a new firm), as well as when they stay in the profession.


  • Identify the unique aspects of practice for solos and smalls that may be impacted by implementation of legal services regulation and Triple P regulation
  • Identify the unique risks that are associated with practice by solos & smalls and how these risks might be mitigated
  • Review and make recommendations for the content of a self-assessment tool (a.k.a. management system for ethical practice) for solos & smalls
  • Identify the unique opportunities for creativity, collaboration and innovation in legal services delivery by solos & smalls
  • Consider and provide advice to Society staff on the nature and extent of training and support that will be required for solos & smalls
  • Provided regular status reports to the former Regulation and Risk Working Group, describing the progress of the framework design as per the project plan
  • Identify those matters on which the Steering Committee and Council must make decisions, and provide information to enable them to make informed decisions
  • Liaise with other working groups as needed