Succession Planning & Exiting Practice

All lawyers and law firms in Nova Scotia must maintain an annually reviewed succession plan for their practice (Regulation 4.6). The regulatory requirements for succession planning are similar to those for retiring from practice (or changing to a non-practising category).

Our Legal Services Support team works with you at all stages of practice to assist in developing your plan and eventually, effecting your smooth transition out of practice.

Succession Planning Toolkit

The Society’s Succession Planning Toolkit will help to clarify your obligations, provide guidance on various models for succession, and offer customizable templates to give effect to your policies and plans.

The Succession Planning Toolkit includes:

File Retention Destruction Template Policy (Word)

Foundation Document File Checklist (Word)

File Closing Checklist (Word)

File Retention and Destruction Webinar

Succession Planning Guide

First review the Succession planning guide which provides an overview of the various models for succession and practical guidance on how to prepare for succession.

File Management & Destruction

Effective file management (and for many, destruction) is key to practice succession.  The Toolkit provides a template for a file retention/destruction policy and a guide on targeted paper reduction.

We are continuously evolving these tools to reflect changes in the law, practice standards and best practices.

Questions or support?

Contact the Society’s Legal Services Support to discuss your circumstances and needs.