Self-Assessing your Law Firm (MSELP)

Approximately every three years, law firms (including sole practices) review and assess their Management Systems for Ethical Legal Practice (MSELP).

The self-assessment program is a central feature of the Society’s ‘Triple P’ (proactive, principled and proportionate) approach to regulating law firms. The primary goal of the self-assessment is education.

It asks you to examine your practice management systems and evaluate the extent to which your practices (i.e. policies, processes, and ways of doing things – both written and unwritten) support core areas of professional, ethical firm practice.

There are three main components:

  1. The online Self-Assessment Tool (“SAT”): The mandatory portion of the self-assessment program, which sole practitioners and lawyers complete every three years (Regulations 4.6 & 8.3)
  2. The MSELP Workbook: An additional and optional tool designed to assist lawyers and firms who want to engage more deeply in the self-assessment exercise. The workbook is not submitted to the Society – it is for your use only and can be a useful practice tool outside of the self-assessment process. It includes direct links to many online practice tools and resources.
  3. Follow up and Legal Services Support: After completing your self-assessment, Legal Services Support will follow up and direct you to tools and resources that might help in addressing any identified priority areas for development.

MSELP Documents & Resources

Practice Resource Search

One of the benefits of the self-assessment program is the Society’s Practice Resource Search. This search tool will help you find websites, articles, webinars, podcasts, videos and more to support you in your legal practice.

Questions & Support?

Contact the Society’s Legal Services Support at any time to discuss MSELP and your practice support needs at