Practice Support & Resources

The practice of law does not come with a handbook. Through Legal Services Support (LSS), we are committed to helping you navigate all stages of your unique practice ‘life cycle’.

Whether you’re opening your practice, looking for practice guidance, succession planning, or seeking to understand your professional and ethical obligations – we have resources to assist you.

Additional Resources:

Practice Resource Search

The Society’s new practice resource search will help you find websites, articles, webinars, podcasts, videos and more to support you in your legal practice. We’ll update this search often so you find relevant, updated and useful resources.

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Equity & Access Mentorship Programs

Information on the Ku’TawTinu: Shared Articling Initiative, pride mentorship program and the Legal Legacies & Bridges (LLB): African Canadian and Aboriginal Law Student Mentorship Program, Pride Mentorship Program and more.

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Opening a Firm

All new law firms are required to register with the Society before delivering legal services. Review information, forms and guidance to assist you with planning to open a practice and registering a new law firm.

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Succession Planning & Exiting Practice

All lawyers and law firms in Nova Scotia must maintain an annually reviewed succession plan for their practice. Find the Society's Succession Planning Toolkit including a guide, checklist, templates and more.

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Self-Assessing your Law Firm (MSELP)

All law firms in Nova Scotia are required to self-assess their Management Systems for Ethical Legal Practice every three years. The Self-Assessment Workbook is designed to support you in reflecting on and enhancing your policies, processes, and systems.

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Mentoring can help improve relationships among lawyers, promote camaraderie and help address issues of stress and isolation faced by many lawyers.

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