Part 14 – Transitional Provision

14.1  Come Into Effect

14.1.1  Subject to the provisions of this Part, these Regulations came into effect on June 1, 2005.

Matter Continued

14.1.2  Except where otherwise provided, any matter arising under the former Act shall be continued so far as possible under these Regulations.

14.2 Outstanding Applications

14.2.1  Except for articled clerks who commence articles on June 1, 2005, applicants with outstanding applications before the Qualifications and Bar Admission Course Committee at the time these Regulations come into effect shall have their applications transferred to the Credentials Committee for determination and the Credentials Committee must apply the Regulations pursuant to the former Act to such applications.

Change of Status

14.2.2  A person who held practising uninsured status prior to June 1, 2005 will be deemed to be a non-practising member unless the person applies for a change of category of membership.

Option to Have These Regulations Apply

14.2.3  A person may elect to have an application, to which subregulation 14.2.1 would apply, governed by these Regulations.