Temporary Practice in NS

Please note that we do not require a paper copy of your application. E-mail your scanned application to the Society’s Education & Credentials Advisor at [email protected]. Note that you can scan documents using most smartphones.

Please allow 2 business days after submitting your application before contacting us to process the application fee by:

  • Credit card by calling us at 902-422-1491
  • Online banking – Please call us at 902-422-1491 & we will provide you with the ID number required. You will then add Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society as a payee under bill payments and use the ID number with two zeros at the beginning as the account number.
  • Invoice – Please contact Beatrice Mryshrall at [email protected].

We do not accept e-transfer payments.

You must apply for a temporary practice permit if you:

  •  move to Nova Scotia from another Canadian jurisdiction and want to practise in this province before you are called to the Bar here. To apply for this permit, please refer to the information at Transfers from other provinces;
  • qualify for temporary practice under the National Mobility Agreement (NMA) or Territorial Mobility Agreement (TMA), but your practice here will exceed 100 days in a year

If you wish to practise temporarily in Nova Scotia, we encourage you to connect with the Society to review eligibility requirements.

Application for Permit to Act as a Foreign Legal Consultant

You must apply for a temporary practice permit if you:

  • are authorized to practice in a foreign jurisdiction;
  • have never been admitted as a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society or another Canadian jurisdiction;
  • wish to practice the law of the foreign jurisdiction; and
  • reside in the Province of Nova Scotia.

To learn more, please review the Policy on Foreign Legal Consultants

Contact the Society’s Education & Credentials Administrator at:

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
Cogswell Tower, 800–2000 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS  B3J 3K1
T: (902) 422 1491  |  F: (902) 429 4869
Email: [email protected]