Registrar of Land Titles

The Registrar reports to the Director, Legal Registries in Yellowknife and directly supervises 3 legal staff and indirectly supervises 7 staff, as well as additional casual staff and summer law students. The Registrar is responsible for the registry of ownership and other interests in all surveyed, privately-held land in the Northwest Territories, and the registry of all financial/security interests in personal property.

The Land Titles Office is responsible for the review and approval for registration of all ownership and other property interests in privately owned land in the Northwest Territories, which includes land owned by municipal and Indigenous governments under land claims agreements. Under the Personal Property Security Act, the Personal Property Registry supports a legal system where financers of personal property protect their interest in the property collateral by filing notice of their interest in order to establish legal priority against other creditors or subsequent purchasers of the property.

In addition to direct responsibility for the administration of three statutes (Land Titles Act, Condominium Act, Personal Property Security Act), the Registrar is responsible for interpreting and ensuring accurate application of numerous federal and territorial statutes affecting real property law including Acts respecting surveying and conveying of Crown lands, municipal legislation, family law statutes, land claims settlement legislation and statutes relating to minors, individuals who lack capacity, deceased persons and dissolved corporations.

The Registrar is responsible for the accurate and timely review and acceptance or refusal of documents submitted for registration. The powers and duties are broadly defined in the three main Acts, and the Registrar exercises quasi-judicial authority in that the decision of the Registrar can only be appealed to the Supreme Court. In addition, the Registrar is responsible for establishing policies and manual or electronic systems to fulfill the Registrar’s mandate. This is critical to ensure real estate transactions (residential, commercial and those pursuant to land claims agreements) are not negatively impacted, resulting in delayed closings, which can lead to significant expense to the parties and/or litigation. The Registrar works independently on matters of recognized legal complexity at a similar level of knowledge and experience as an equivalent highly seasoned or specialized Legal Counsel, and provides advice to public clients, other legal counsel in private practice and government, government departments, and municipal and aboriginal governments.

Typically, the above qualifications would be attained by: A Law degree with a minimum of seven years of experience, with specialized focus in the area of real property and commercial law and two years of supervisory experience in a similar workplace.

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The mandate of the Department of Justice is to administer justice, including policing, community justice, victims services and corrections in the Northwest Territories. This mandate will be carried out in a manner which respects community and indigenous values and encourages communities to assume increasing responsibilities.

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