Property Associate

Pickup MacDowell Strait Area Lawyers, is seeking an experienced associate to work in real estate law and general solicitors practice. Applicants must have a minimum 5 years experience with a concentration in real estate. The individual we are looking for to join our team must be an Authorized Lawyer pursuant to the relevant Land Registration Act requirements and have:

The ability to complete a full search of title;
The ability to prepare and submit descriptions of approval (PDCA);
Knowledge of benefits and burdens and doing flip side(s);
The ability to prepare and submit application for registration (AFR);
Familiarity with all requisite forms for migration;
The ability to prepare all forms of deeds and mortgages;
Familiarity with subdivision process.

Please forward letters of interest and curriculum vitae to [email protected]
Job Deadline/Expiry Date: 12/01/2020