General Counsel – Terraine Capital & Associated Companies

Terraine Capital & Associated Companies is looking for a lawyer as its General Counsel. The candidate should possess strong work ethic and be a strategic thinker.

The position would be located in Terraine’s head office located in Bayers Lake.

Terraine Capital is an investment company founded by Adam Barrett and based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. With roots in real estate development, Terraine Capital is dedicated to fostering communities through innovative and sustainable investments across Real Estate, Landscaping, Manufacturing and Construction. Terraine is making a positive footprint throughout Atlantic Canada and has rapidly expanded its operations, currently they maintain a workforce of approximately 600 people.
As General Counsel, you’ll be responsible for the following tasks:

1. Drafting, managing and providing negotiation support on commercial leases.
2. Providing legal guidance and advice on corporate matters, employment issues, and regulatory matters.
3. Assisting with residential tenancy claims and hearings.
4. Assisting with Small Claims Court hearings.
5. Managing external counsel on litigation and legal disputes.
6. Managing insurance claims.
7. Completing, managing and providing support on corporate and property transactions.
8. Assisting with management of certain internal policies and develop of new policies.

What we’re looking for:

1. 1-3 years experience in a law firm environment or in house legal department.
2. Completion of law school with a LLB or JD.
3. Qualified to practice law in Nova Scotia.
4. Proven track record of problem-solving skills and informed decision-making.
5. A strong attention to detail and commitment to accuracy.

Resumes should be sent via email to at Terraine Group.

Link to Job Posting:

Job Deadline/Expiry Date: 06/03/2024