Articled Clerk

East Coast Environmental Law invites applications to join our team as an Articled Clerk during the period between June 1, 2024 and May 31, 2025.

About East Coast Environmental Law:

East Coast Environmental Law (“ECEL”) is a regional charity that provides public-interest environmental law services throughout Atlantic Canada. We envision a future in which laws and legal systems protect ecological health and promote environmental and climate justice. To that end, we advocate for progressive environmental law and policy, provide public legal education, and share our legal skills to support others who are working to prevent or redress environmental harms.

The ECEL team currently includes two staff lawyers and an Executive Director who is also a practicing lawyer. All three of these current team members reside in Nova Scotia.

ECEL’s long-term vision includes expanding our team to include staff lawyers in other Atlantic Canadian provinces, and our near-term vision includes having our next staff lawyer based in New Brunswick.

About the Position:

Under the supervision of the principal and working closely with staff lawyers, the Articled Clerk will be responsible for advancing ECEL’s mandate by assisting with legal research and analysis, responding to public inquiries, engaging in law reform advocacy, meeting with clients and project partners, producing public legal education resources, supporting student volunteers, and advocating on behalf of the organization and clients. During the articling period, the successful candidate will have opportunities to gain experience in diverse areas of environmental law, including: Aboriginal law and Indigenous law in environmental contexts, legal protections for biodiversity and species at risk, climate and energy law, environmental impact assessment and decision-making, and laws related to marine conservation and shipping. The successful candidate will also have opportunities to develop practical skills in matters related to professional ethics and responsibility, practice and office management, interviewing, advising, and advocacy.

The ECEL office is located at 6061 University Avenue, Halifax, in the Schulich School of Law. However, for the most part, staff work remotely from separate locations and have regular virtual meetings to collaborate and connect.

Opportunities and Benefits:

This role offers a unique chance to work alongside experienced environmental lawyers and gain valuable insights into the legal aspects of environmental protection. ECEL is offering a full-time, fixed-term articling position for a term of up to twelve months. The salary for a twelve-month term would be $42,000.00. ECEL also welcomes applications from candidates who intend to complete their articles in fewer than twelve months or who wish to pursue split or shared articles with more than one firm. The salary of a successful candidate who works with ECEL for fewer than twelve months will be prorated accordingly.

ECEL articled clerks receive the time off that is necessary to complete course and assignment components of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society’s Bar Admission Program. In determining the amount of time off that is necessary, ECEL will seek direction from the Barristers’ Society and will seek to align our practices with other law firms in the area to ensure that clerks can devote sufficient time to their training and assignments.

ECEL will not pay the Articled Clerk’s bar course and assessment fees.


Eligible candidates must:
1. have a law degree or complete a law degree before the commencement of articles in 2024;
2. be lawfully entitled to work in Canada; and
3. intend to enrol in the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society’s Bar Admission Program.

East Coast Environmental Law’s Special Interest in Expanding to New Brunswick:

ECEL is seeking a candidate with demonstrated interests in public-interest environmental work and who is familiar with the fields of environmental and administrative law.

In light of ECEL’s interest in having our next staff lawyer based in New Brunswick, ECEL may give preference to applicants who have a near-term interest in living and practicing law in New Brunswick. Please note, however, that ECEL does not guarantee that the Articled Clerk will be offered a full-time staff lawyer position upon completion of their articles.

East Coast Environmental Law Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Hiring Policy:

The fundamental consideration for recruiting and retaining staff at ECEL is individual achievement and merit and, in particular, demonstrated dedication to protecting the environment and developing environmental law. ECEL seeks to provide a fair and equitable work environment and to offer all individuals full opportunity to develop their potential. ECEL will strive to advance the interests of equity seeking groups to ensure that equal opportunity is afforded to all who seek employment at ECEL and all employees are treated equitably. In accordance with the principle of substantive equality and in furtherance of efforts to remediate historical discrimination and disadvantage, ECEL may from time to time prioritize the hiring of applicants belonging to minority or underrepresented groups.

Application Details:

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume combined as a single PDF document. In addition, please provide law school transcripts (unofficial) and names and contact information for at least two references to [email protected]. Applications should be addressed to:

Lisa Mitchell, Executive Director
East Coast Environmental Law Association
6061 University Ave., PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Qualified candidates will be interviewed as applications are received. Receipt of an application will be acknowledged, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

The application deadline is March 28, 2024.

Link to Job Posting:

Job Deadline/Expiry Date: 03/28/2024