Application for Enrolment as an Articled Clerk

Prior to completing your articling application, please review the Articling Handbook.

To apply to be an Articled Clerk, you must provide the following documents:

  • Application fee (either)
    • Applicants with Canadian law degree – $225 plus HST ($258.75).
    • Applicants with foreign law degree – $325 plus HST ($373.75).
  • Articling Application – Part 1. (Fill out the form below)
  • Principal’s Declaration. (To be submitted by Principal)
  • Articling Application – Part 2. (Fill out the form below, this information will not be disclosed to your Principal)
  • Voluntary Equity and Diversity Disclosure. (Optional)
  • Relevant documentation for any affirmative responses in Parts B, C and D.
  • Articling Plan (completed in conjunction with your Principal).
  • Articling Agreement (completed in conjunction with your Principal).
  • Education Plan (completed in conjunction with your Principal).
  • A copy of your criminal record check (see the Society’s Policy on Criminal Record Checks. Please note that this can be uploaded on this application or emailed to [email protected].)
  • A notarized* colour copy of a government-issued photo ID. **this can be uploaded at the end of this application or emailed to [email protected].
    • * INSTRUCTIONS FOR NOTARY – Write the following statement on the copy – “I have reviewed the original document and can state that this copy is a true copy of the original (INSERT NAME OF DOCUMENT eg. Driver’s License/Passport) of (INSERT APPLICANT’S NAME)”
    • Be sure to sign, stamp and date the notarized copy.
  • Official transcript (either):
    • Applicants with Canadian law degree:
      • an official transcript to be sent directly to the Society from your law school confirming you have received your law degree (request after convocation); and
      • an official transcript from any additional law school you have attended other than as an exchange student.
    • Applicants with foreign law degree:
      • Confirmation from the National Committee on Accreditation that your Certificate of Qualification has been issued.

  • If applicable, particulars of your work permit or other authorization allowing you to work in Canada.
  • Contact CPLED directly to register for PREP.


If you did NOT attend Schulich School of Law (Dal) or UNB Law School, you must arrange for your law school to provide an email directly to the Society at [email protected] confirming that you have met the requirements for graduation.  Dal and UNB provide us with their graduation lists, so a letter is not required.  This does not eliminate the requirement to provide an official transcript confirming your law degree when it is available (following your convocation).

If your first language is not English (and if the Executive Director requires), you may be asked to provide proof of English language proficiency.