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The Courts are now developing enhancements to how the Civil Procedure Rules of Nova Scotia are published on the Courts of Nova Scotia website. Rule text will be in HTML, providing faster and more mobile-friendly access. Keyword searching of Rules content only within the Courts’ website will be provided. The official, consolidated Civil Procedure Rules and Forms will continue to be available on the site as entire documents in PDF.

As the Courts implement these enhancements, Society staff in Library & Information Services are working with Lexum and CanLII to migrate the annotations currently on the Nova Scotia Annotated Civil Procedure Rules onto CanLII Connects, the new platform aggregating online Canadian case law commentary.

Library & Information Services staff are also working with the Courts to determine what other value-added content may be transferred to the Courts’ website, including editable MS Word versions of Forms.

The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society will maintain the Nova Scotia Rules page on its website, providing quick access to key resources on the Courts’ website, as well as the table of concordance from the 1972 Rules to the new Rules.

As announced in the April 13, 2015 issue of InForum, the Society expects to implement these changes and remove the Nova Scotia Annotated Civil Procedure Rules from its website by the end of August 2015.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. For the Society, please contact Deborah Copeman, Librarian, at For the Courts, please contact John Piccolo, Director of Communications, at

The Society's 2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements are now available on the website.


The documents were presented at the Society’s 2015 Annual Meeting, held June 13 at Cape Breton University in Sydney, along with a 2015 Annual Report Summary booklet.

“I believe very strongly that we are on the brink of changing how we regulate, and how the justice system will respond to the public’s needs for accessibility and affordability,” Past President Tilly Pillay QC said in her report summarizing the year’s accomplishments.

“Council’s focus this year has been on understanding what entity regulation means (moving away from regulating an individual lawyer to regulating the entity in which the lawyer works), and developing an approach to determine whether this new and innovative form of regulation should be adopted in Nova Scotia … the approach Council is taking is to ensure that any new regulatory regime is proactive, principled and proportionate,” said Ms. Pillay, adding “you will hear more about these concepts as Council continues to refine its thinking and reaches out to you for your input.”

As far as enhancing access to legal services and the justice system, “Council has recognized that to make real progress in this area, we must collaborate and facilitate discussions with our justice partners and the public. You cannot really talk about regulating in the public interest without giving the public a voice, and listening to ideas as to how we can improve the justice system.”

To read Ms. Pillay’s full report, see the 2015 NSBS Annual Report online. The 59-page document also includes reports from the Society’s regulatory and Council committees, Executive Director Darrel Pink, the Equity Office and Public Representatives, plus detailed updates on professional responsibility, admissions and credentialing activity.

A few highlights from the 2014-2015 year:


Transforming regulation and governance in the public interest

  • Council approved Regulatory Objectives and 10 elements as the foundation for the Society’s entity regulation work. Proactive, principled and proportionate regulation is the goal of the regime being developed.
  • To advance adoption of a model to regulate legal entities, a Steering Committee chaired by the President is overseeing working groups addressing risk and ethical principles for effective management, legislation and regulations, and communications and engagement. Extensive consultation continues.  
  • The Society continues to implement of the Federation’s National Discipline Standards, adopted effective Jan. 1, 2015.
  • A new case management system is expediting the public hearing process by addressing administrative matters early on. 
  • 522 callers used the Society’s informative telephone complaints intake process (up 8% from previous year); 153 written complaints were filed (a 15% decrease); complainants will soon be able to file complaints electronically.
  • New professional standards for law office management and criminal law practice continue to be developed. Several new real estate law standards and practice tools were also introduced.
  • A review of the NSBS CPD Requirement will result in a new approach that will require lawyers to prepare an annual CPD plan, as opposed to recording their CPD hours. This is consistent with the new proactive approach to regulation.
  • The Society created a skills matrix for lawyer and non-lawyer members of Council, and an orientation package and program for incoming new Council members.
  • The Risk and Practice Management Program offered a wider array of in-person and online education and support for lawyers.
  • Council approved regulatory amendments to define ‘ungovernability’ and add ‘repeat offender’ to the definition of professional misconduct. The CIC is using a proactive approach in meeting with repeat offenders to help address the root causes of their misconduct. 
  • The Society is working with the DOJ to improve the notary public application process. The NSBS Lawyer Search web directory will soon indicate which lawyers are notary publics, to make it easier for members of the public to find one when needed.


Enhancing access to legal services and the justice system for all Nova Scotians

  • The Society launched #TalkJustice, a community outreach project that is building a public conversation around access to justice for equity-seeking and economically disadvantaged communities.
  • President Tilly Pillay QC represents NSBS on the new Access to Justice Coordinating Committee, which includes the Justice Minister, Chief Justice and other key stakeholders.   
  • The Society’s first statistical review of employment equity found a much greater diversity of lawyers have entered Nova Scotia’s legal profession in the past 25 years, though gaps and disparities remain.
  • Council approved amendments to the Code of Professional Conduct to remove impediments to the provision of short-term limited legal services.
  • The Society developed a full-day cultural competence workshop for the Skills Course, and offered a pilot workshop on trauma-informed lawyering in relation to sexual assault cases. 
  • The Nova Scotia Supreme Court reviewed the Society’s conditional approval of Trinity Western University’s proposed law school; the Court ruled in favour of TWU. Council voted to appeal the decision.  
  • The Society provided research support to the North/East Preston communities so they can address longstanding land title issues.
  • An Aboriginal Child Welfare Working Group was established to assist indigenous communities with tackling child welfare issues.
  • UnCommon Law 5 drew 100 people to a community conversation in New Minas about mental wellness and access to justice.
  • An outcomes-based measurement framework is in development for the equity and access to justice work, to ensure a consistent evaluation process that will measure results of these initiatives.
  • Dr. Julie Macfarlane of the National Self-Represented Litigants Project led a Society workshop on her legal coaching model, “Working with the Self-Represented Litigant Challenge: New tools and strategies for lawyers”. The Society also saw an increase in SRLs phoning for advice and direction.
  • The 24th annual F.B. Wickwire Memorial Lecture in Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics featured Prof. Rebecca Sandefur, Faculty Fellow at the American Bar Foundation, with “Rethinking Outreach for Greater Access to Justice”.
  • A collaboration among justice sector stakeholders aims to create a new criminal law information website, similar to

The following media reports were published since the last edition of InForum:

N.S. moves forward on ‘entity regulation’
By donalee Moulton
The Lawyers Weekly | July 3, 2015

Law Times | July 6, 2015 
By Tali Folkins
By donalee Moulton
The Lawyers Weekly | July 03, 2015 

TWU grads can't practice law in Ontario

Langley Advance | July 3, 2015

The Toronto Star | July 3, 2015
Court upholds Law Society’s decision not to accredit Trinity Western University
by Jacques Gallant, Staff Reporter
Toronto Star | July 2, 2015
ON court finds Trinity Western covenant discriminatory: Court upholds Ontario law society’s rejection of Christian law school
Daily Xtra | July 2, 2015
The Globe and Mail | July 2, 2015
National Post / CP | July 2, 2015
by Liam Casey
Trinity Western’s planned law school takes another hit: Ontario Supreme Court upholds law society’s right to deny accreditation
Vancouver Sun | July 2, 2015
By Ian Mulgrew
Trinity Western University ( | July 2, 2015 

Amherst lawyer appointed to Supreme Court Family Division bench
Amherst News / The Citizen-Record | June 24, 2015 (subscription only)

  • John Bodurtha Joins Bar Society Council (July 3)
  • Ontario Legal Regulator Wins Its Trinity Battle (July 3)
  • Amherst Legal Aid Lawyer Named To Supreme Court (June 25)
  • Gavin Giles Steps Up For The Red Cross (June 25)
  • Lyle Howe Facing Possible Disbarment (June 23)

John P. Bodurtha was elected to Council on June 30 in the Society’s Halifax District Byelection, and will begin his two-year term effective immediately. Mr. Bodurtha is Deputy Director of the Tax Law Services Section of the Atlantic Regional Office of the Department of Justice Canada. See his bio and election statement for more details.

Four candidates were vying for the Halifax seat, vacated when the Hon. Justice R. Lester Jesudason was appointed to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. The byelection ran from June 25 to 30.  


  • John P. Bodurtha – 182 votes (43%)
  • Loretta Manning – 110 votes (26%)
  • Joshua Santimaw – 67 votes (16%)
  • David Schermbrucker – 68 votes (16%)

Voter turnout: A total of 427 members cast ballots, of a possible 1,760 eligible voters. All practising lawyers in Halifax District were eligible to run and vote for this position.

Also see:

The Society extends its thanks to all candidates and voters in the 2015 Council Elections for their commitment to the regulation of the legal profession.

Details of the Society’s election process are outlined in the Society’s Regulations 2.4 (District Elections), 2.5 (At Large Elections), and 2.6 (Second Vice-President Elections).

The next meeting of Council is an orientation session for new members on July 23, followed by a regular meeting of Council on Friday, July 24. To follow the work of Council throughout the year, see Council materials for meeting agendas, documents and highlights. 


This feature is available in every edition of InForum, for timely updates on changes of category.

The following former members have received judicial appointments:

  • The Honourable Robert M. Gregan is now a Justice of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court Family Division (appointed June 24)
  • The Honourable Paul Bychok is now a Judge of the Nunavut Court of Justice (appointed June 26).

The following members have changed to the Practising Lawyer category:

  • Melisa Charmaine Marsman
  • Lauren Margaret Randall
  • Kerri Lynn Seward Carpenter
  • Karen Dawn Stilwell

The Society welcomes the following new articled clerk:

  • Angus Thomas Smith           

The following members have changed to Non-Practising status:

  • Andrew James Fanning
  • Gerald Ernest Francis
  • Amy Gladys Gibson Saab
  • Bruce Gary Hilchey
  • Stephen David Hiscock
  • Angela C. Jones
  • Kelsey Audrey Theresa Jones
  • Charles J. Keliher
  • Peter Armand LeCain
  • Helen Melissa Pattillo MacAdam
  • Calum Joseph MacLeod
  • Jill Susanne McKim
  • Allan Francis Nicholson
  • Michael James Shuter Oland
  • Lynne José Poirier
  • Samantha O. Ratnam
  • Jonathan Joseph Serge Saumier
  • Mirsada Stasevic
  • Jessica Dorothy Tellez
  • George Arthur Theuerkauf QC
  • Catherine Jean Alexandra Walker
  • Linda Eileen Wood

The following members have changed to Life Member status:

  • Bernard St. C. McCabe, QC
  • John Davison Moore, QC
  • Hon. Donald Havelock Oliver, QC
  • T. W. Sommerville, QC
  • T. Winton Toward

The following members have changed to Retired status: 

  • Barry James Alexander
  • Linda Ann Banks
  • John Ralph Cameron QC
  • Keith F.S. Crocker
  • Alison Davidson
  • Paul W. Goldberg
  • Craig Maxwell Harding
  • Jakob Harms
  • Karen Gail Hollett
  • Gary Owen Holt QC
  • Patricia Hague Hutton
  • Allison Renée Hounsell Kouzovnikov
  • John Kendrick MacDonald
  • Margot Elaine MacDonald
  • Darrell H. Martin
  • Peter A. McInroy
  • Jean Cairns Morris
  • Raymond S. Riddell QC
  • Wayne Gordon Ripley
  • Paul Lloyd Thompson
  • Brian Keith Wentzell
Professional development
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  • DROIT CONSITUTIONNEL / Brun, Henri; Tremblay, Guy; Brouillet, Eugénie – 6th ed. – Cowansville, Quebec: Yvon Blais, 2014. [KB 22 CAN B894 2014]
  • DEFENDING DRUG CASES / Bolton, P. Michael – 3d ed. – Toronto: Carswell Thomson Reuters, 2006. [KB 94.D7 B694 2006]
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  • PRACTICAL GUIDE TO E-COMMERCE AND INTERNET LAW / Gratton, Eloise; Henry, Elisa – Markham, ON: LexisNexis Canada, 2015. [KB 163 .C8 G773P 2015]
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  • THE CANADIAN LAW OF TOXIC TORTS / Collins, Lynda M; McLeod-Kilmurray, Heather – Toronto: Canada Law Book, 2014. [KB 180 C712 2014]
Access to Justice

This summer, introduce the NSRLP Client Communication Feedback Survey into your practice.

National Self-Represented Litigants ProjectThe National Self-Represented Litigants Project has focused over the last few months on the theme of communication among justice system players. One of the projects we have been working on throughout this period is the NSRLP Client Communication Feedback Survey, released June 18. The Survey is endorsed by many respected leaders in the legal profession.

The Survey comprises five simple questions that focus on the issues that we hear most often from clients cause them disappointment and stress in their interactions with the profession (and are reflected in the most frequent causes of complaints to regulators). 

We believe that the answers to the five Survey questions will provide important information for lawyers. Contrary to what some lawyers may think, it is in the clarity and honesty of their communications with clients that most conflicts first arise, rather than in relation to the lawyer’s technical competence (although these are easily conflated, making clear and frank communication even more important). Read more about the survey on the National Self-Represented Litigants Project website.

Have thoughts on or are you interested in pro bono in Nova Scotia? The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) wants to hear from you!

On the heels of its Pro Bono Symposium on March 27, 2015 (summary found here, LISNS invites you to complete a short survey and have your say on pro bono in Nova Scotia.

The survey can be found at

LISNS encourages all members of the Bar to complete this survey, whether you do/do not or used to provide pro bono services. Your input will help us develop programs that will ensure greater access to justice for Nova Scotians with limited means.

Tips from LIANS

Living in “Canada’s Ocean Playground” can challenge even the most dedicated employee to stay focused and productive through the summer months. Here are some tips to keep the productivity heat set on “high”:

  • Everyone needs a break and it’s important to ensure you and your boss can find a mutually agreeable time for you to be away from the office. Also make sure you plan your summer events so you can arrange your work accordingly.
  • Communicate your time away from the office with your boss, colleagues, staff and clients. A reminder email in advance will ensure nobody feels abandoned!
  • Be flexible and consider whether you might need to work remotely to ensure you meet deadlines.
  • Shift your priorities as needed and plan ahead. If you have a project for which you need your boss’ approval, ensure the project is completed before they leave the office. (They need time away, too!)
  • If work around the office is slow, find some work to do. Take that time to get a jump start on upcoming research projects or briefs. There is always work that can be done!
  • Remember to dress appropriately! No matter how hot it is outside, proper office attire makes a strong statement in the workplace. Good rule of thumb: If you can wear it to the beach, it’s not appropriate for the office.

These tips will ensure you stay productive and focused while still enjoying all that summer has to offer!

If you have any questions on these or any other risk- or practice-related matters, do not hesitate to contact Stacey Gerrard, LIANS Counsel with the Risk and Practice Management Program, at or call 902 423 1300 ext. 345.

As we’ve alerted in January, March and April, lawyers continue to receive unsolicited emails with attachments that contain “spoofing” viruses. Although many of these arrive as .zip file attachments, they can arrive through any file type, including Microsoft Office documents. If you receive any unanticipated email with an unknown file attached, do not open the file until you send a new email (not a reply) to verify with the purported sender that the file is legitimate, as these emails appear to be coming from legitimate senders. Here is a sample of the wording used in a recent email with a virus-laden attachment:

From: Boris Wong
Subject: My Resume - Boris Wong

Attached is my resume, let me know if its ok.

Boris Wong

“Spoofing” occurs when a spammer forges your email address to send spam to your email contact list, which fools spam filters into letting the message through and making the recipient more likely to open an email message from a recognized address.

If this has happened to you, it is advised that all passwords be changed immediately. Record your new password in a safe place and if you’ve used the same password and email combination on any other site, consider changing that password as well. For some tips on creating a password that is both highly secure yet easy to remember, read LIANS’ article on “Creating a ‘Super Password’”.

If your email address has been “spoofed”, notify your contact list as soon as possible with a warning for them not to click on any links they’ve received from your spam email. And as a general rule for all – never click on any suspicious links you receive in your email. If the sender is known to you but you are in doubt, verify the link first with them.

Although “Spoofers” are able to access email address lists through “cookies” (or data stored in a user’s web browser). To delete your browser’s cookies:

  • Internet Explorer: under ‘Tools’ menu, go to ‘Internet Options’ > ‘General’ and click the ‘Delete ...’ button under “Browsing History”. Check all of the options and hit ‘Delete’.
  • Google Chrome: Click the menu symbol in the top right corner, select ‘More tools’ > then ‘Clear browsing data’. Click the ‘Cookies and other site and plug-in data’ box (just that one), and in the drop-down menu choose ‘Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time’. Then click ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • Firefox: Click the menu symbol in the top right corner, go to ‘Options’ > ‘Privacy’, and click ‘Clear all current history’. Check all of the options and click ‘Clear now”.

To report or seek advice on dealing with fraud and scam attempts, contact Cynthia Nield at or 902 423 1300, x346.

The following contains, in part, an article excerpt from Homewood Health™, your health and wellness provider.

The decision about who will take care of your child while you are at work is a very important one. Finding child care that has the quality and convenience you want, at a reasonable cost, will take time and effort.

Tips for selecting a child care provider:

  • Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations.
  • Conduct telephone interviews to narrow your search.
  • Visit at least three caregivers or child care programs. Be prepared to spend at least an hour or longer at each one.
  • Bring your child in to observe them in this setting.
  • Check references. Ask for at least two parent references.
  • Don’t settle. Keep looking until you find the right option.

Questions to ask when selecting home care:

  • How long have you provided child care in your home? How long has the facility been in business?
  • Are you licensed, registered or accredited?
  • How many children is the facility licensed to provide for?
  • What educational qualifications do you (the staff) have?
  • Do you (the staff) have First Aid or CPR training?
  • What are the hours of operation?
  • What is the maximum number of children you will take?
  • What is the staff-child ratio?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Do you charge for vacations (yours and mine)?
  • Do you close during holidays? Am I expected to pay for those holidays?
  • Can you describe a typical day at your home/centre?
  • Do you provide snacks and meals? How do you plan meals?
  • When and how long are children to have rest time?
  • How do you handle toilet training?
  • What child proofing have you done to prevent accidents?
  • How do you handle emergencies?
  • What is the policy on sick children?
  • What supplies/equipment does the facility provide and what is the parent expected to provide?
  • Is parent participation and involvement encouraged?
  • Do you have an open door policy for parents to drop in?

What to observe during your first visit:

  • Is the centre/home well maintained and clean?
  • Are toys and furniture suitable and in good shape?
  • Are the bathrooms and kitchen areas separated and clean?
  • Are there smoke detectors and a fire escape plan?
  • Are the electrical outlets covered?
  • Are children in high chairs strapped in?
  • Is there a comfortable and safe place for sleeping?
  • Is the day care well lit and cheerful?
  • Does the centre/home have a fenced yard with some shade?
  • How does the provider interact with your child?
  • Are you happy with the number of children in the day care?
  • How do the children interact with one another/with the provider?
  • Do you see infants in a playpen or an infant in a swing for longer than a few minutes?
  • Are toys developmentally and age-appropriate?

Questions / observations for in-home care:

  • What is her/his availability?
  • What are their salary expectations?
  • What is their work experience and educational qualifications?
  • How long a commitment are they prepared to make?
  • Are they willing to sign a work agreement?
  • Are they experienced working with babies?
  • What does being with and caring for children mean to them?
  • How do they handle crying? Discipline?
  • Do they have a valid driver’s license and a car?
  • Would they be willing to undergo a background check (e.g. police record check) at your expense?
  • How do they interact with your child?
  • Are they warm and friendly?
  • Does your child seem to like them?
  • Do you have a good feeling about them?

For more information and support in preparing for life and work after baby, along with resources and counselling to improve your health and wellness, visit the NSLAP website at Please note that LAP is your “company” name when you register. When you call the LAP number at 1 866 299 1299, your call will be answered any time, day or night, 365 days per year.


This edition includes:

  • court dockets for July through October;
  • summer hours and upcoming holiday closures;
  • filing deadlines for Court of Appeal chambers; and
  • a number of rule changes and other Court reminders.

See the JULY 6, 2015 Hints and Tips from Nova Scotia’s Prothonotary/Registrar for details.

To view a complete archive of the Hints & Tips newsletters, visit the Information for Legal Professionals page on the Courts of Nova Scotia website:

Also choose to follow the Courts on Twitter, for links to decisions, notices, news and other updates via the Courts of Nova Scotia’s Twitter service:

(July 2) The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has amended Civil Procedure Rule 82.09 and added Practice Memorandum #8 - "Model CCAA and Receivership Orders".


Please note, the phone number used for Telephone Date Assignment Conferences and Telephone Trial Readiness Conferences at the Halifax Law Courts will change as of Friday, July 10, 2015.

If you have a Telephone Date Assignment Conference or Telephone Trial Readiness Conference presently scheduled on Friday, July 10 or a subsequent date, you will be required to call 902 424 7000.


The Honourable Joseph Kennedy, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, is pleased to welcome Robert M. Gregan of Nova Scotia Legal Aid in Amherst to the Family Division.

Justice Gregan was appointed on June 24 by federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay QC; his appointment took effect immediately.

A native of Chatham, New Brunswick, Justice Gregan earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1987 and a Bachelor of Laws in 1990, both from the University of New Brunswick.

He comes to the Bench from the Nova Scotia Legal Aid office in Amherst where he was Managing Lawyer and Senior Staff Counsel. He was with Legal Aid since being admitted to the Bar in 1991, except for several years as an associate with the law firm of Creighton and Shatford and from 1991 to 2003 with the law firm of Hicks, Lemoine. During his career, he has practised in both criminal and family law at all levels of Court

He has been a member of the NSBS Council since 2013 and sat on the Society’s Complaints Investigation Committee and the Working Group on Entity Regulation sub-committee. He was also a member of the Nova Scotia Criminal Lawyers’ Association, had served as Secretary for the Canadian Prison Law Association from 2011 until his appointment, and is a member of the Canadian Bar Association.

Justice Gregan’s community work included serving as a Volunteer Facilitator for the Parent Information Program of the Department of Justice. He had been a board member for the Cumberland YMCA. He also served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Cumberland Community Alternatives Society, a restorative justice organization. He also served as its President.

Justice Gregan joins the Court in Sydney as the Honourable Justice M. Clare MacLellan elects supernumerary status after 16 years presiding in the Supreme Court Family Division and several more in the Province's Family Court.

Arrangements for a robing ceremony for Justice Gregan are currently being discussed. Further information will be available on the Courts of Nova Scotia website when they have been finalized.

Also see:

Former Crown attorney Paul Bychok has been appointed a judge of the Nunavut Court of Justice. Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay QC announced the appointment on June 26.

Judge Bychok served as senior legal counsel with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada in Iqaluit for 12 years. Before that, he was a prosecutor in Halifax from 1989 until 2003. He retired in April of this year.

Judge Bychok replaces Justice Andrew Mahar, who was appointed to the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories in May.

Also see:

Justice Denise M. BoudreauThe Acadian community of Chéticamp will honour its first judicial appointment to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. Justice Denise M. Boudreau, who was appointed December 2013, will be honoured on July 11, 2015 in conjunction with the opening of the Gypsum Mine Trail.

La Société St Pierre, the Club vélo Chéticamp and the community will have a reception in her honour. If you want to reserve, please call or send an email to: La Société St Pierre at 902 224 2642 or You can also contact Réjean Aucoin at 902 224 1450 or email to

The opening ceremonies of the Gypsum Mine Trail organized by the Club vélo Chéticamp will be held at 2:00 pm, followed by a walk from the Belle Marche Road (Chéticamp Back Road) to the Gypsum Mine lake site.

The mine which operated from 1908 to 1939 was managed by Justice Boudreau’s grandfather Anselme Boudreau. Her father Gerard Boudreau, has always held the history of the mining operation dear to his heart. He was present with his daughter at the opening of the first segment of the trail at le Quai Mathieu at the Chéticamp harbour.

The trail started in 2009 by Le Conseil économique de Chéticamp, follows the old railroad bed from le Quai Mathieu at the Chéticamp Harbour right up to what is now a pristine emerald lake at the base of the mountains some 12 km further. National Gypsum Canada donated the land as well as David Fraser.

Prior to her appointment, Justice Boudreau worked for the Atlantic Office of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC), where she specialized in prosecuting major crime throughout the Atlantic Region. Before joining the PPSC, Justice Boudreau worked with Nova Scotia Legal Aid for nine years and had been an associate with the law firm of LeBlanc, MacDonald, and Pickup in Port Hawkesbury prior to that.

Justice Boudreau was born in the Acadian community of Chéticamp where her parents still reside. She attended Acadia University, l’Université de Moncton law school and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

She was an active member of the Association des juristes d’expression française de la Nouvelle-Écosse, served as a member and Chair of the Leeside Transition House in Port Hawkesbury and a member of the Board of Directors of l’Université Sainte-Anne.

Justice Boudreau presides in Halifax, at the Law Courts.  


Dear Member:

In the fall of this year the Advisory Committee on Queen’s Counsel Appointments, chaired by the Honourable Justice Peter Bryson, will consider candidates for the next Queen’s Counsel appointments.

The criteria for these appointments are:

(a) fifteen years or more as a member of the Bar of Nova Scotia as of September 30, 2015 and eligible to practise law in Nova Scotia;

(b) demonstrated professional integrity, good character and outstanding contributions to the practice of law through one or more of:

(i) recognition by other members of the profession as an exceptional barrister or solicitor,

(ii) exceptional contributions through legal scholarship, teaching or continuing legal education,

(iii) demonstration of exceptional qualities of leadership in the profession, and

(iv) engaging in activities of a public or charitable nature in such a way as to raise the esteem in which the legal profession is held by the public;

(c) the Advisory Committee on Queen’s Counsel Appointments is asked to consider regional, gender and minority representation among the persons recommended for appointment as Queen’s Counsel.

In order to be considered as a candidate for a Queen’s Counsel appointment, you must apply pursuant to this request. The Committee will not consider applications or nominations from previous years.

A complete application or nomination package must consist of an original and one copy of the Authorization for Disclosure of Information and Release Form, and an original and twelve copies of the following documents:

(a) Application or Nomination Form;

(b) Information form. (Ordinarily the information will be confined to the Form provided. However, if you find the space on the Form insufficient, additional material that you may wish to provide [not exceeding two pages in length] will be considered by the Committee. Material exceeding two pages will not be forwarded to the Committee); and

(c) Two Letters of Reference.  

These forms are available on the Queen’s Counsel process page of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society website

Persons may either apply personally or may nominate a member of the Bar. All applicants will be treated equally by the Committee whether they are nominated, or whether they apply personally.

Your complete application or nomination must be received by Justice Bryson no later than 4:00 pm, Wednesday, September 30, 2015. It may be mailed or delivered to:

Advisory Committee on Queen’s Counsel Appointments
c/o The Honourable Justice Peter Bryson
The Law Courts, 1815 Upper Water Street
Halifax, NS B3J 1S7

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours truly,
Tilly Pillay QC, A/Deputy Minister of Justice

No proclamations were published in the Royal Gazette, Part II since the last issue of InForum.

Proclamations are published in the Royal Gazette, Part II, which is issued every other week and is available by subscription. Unofficial copies of the Royal Gazette, Part II are available online through the Registry of Regulations website.

The Office of the Legislative Counsel maintains a Proclamations of Statutes database, providing the effective dates of proclamations for statutes from 1990 to date. The database is updated with information received weekly from the Executive Council Office. To access the database, go to the Office of the Legislative Counsel’s website, then select Proclamations from the list of links on the left side of the page. The information provided by the database is for convenience only. For purposes of interpreting and applying the law, please consult official sources.

The orders in council authorizing the proclamations can be searched via the Orders in Council database maintained by the Executive Council Office. This database contains information about orders in council dating back to 1991.

This notice has been prepared by Society staff in Library & Information Services.

News releases from the provincial government are available at this link, and are searchable by department and date:

The following announcements since the last edition of InForum may be of interest to the legal profession; see link above for all provincial releases:   

JUSTICE: Find all DOJ announcements at

SERVICE NOVA SCOTIA: Find all news releases at

  • Major Illegal Tobacco Seizure in Pictou County (June 29)

COMMUNITY SERVICES – Property Tax Rebate Program Open to Eligible Seniors (July 3)

ABORIGINAL AFFAIRS--Eskasoni Kicks Off Summer Powwow Season (June 30) 
AGRICULTURE--Provincial Exhibition Commission Names New Board  (June 26) 
BUSINESS/FINANCE/TREASURY BOARD--Details on Film, Animation Support Now Available (June 26) 
COUNCIL OF ATLANTIC PREMIERS--Atlantic Premiers Advance Agenda for Sustainable Growth in the Region (June 28) 
  • Education Changes Coming in September (June 29) 
  • App Provides Augmented Reality for Students, Teachers (June 23) 
ENERGY--Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Research Expedition Data to Help Understand Resource Potential (June 24) 
FINANCE/TREASUREY BOARD--Nova Scotia Opens Borders to Import Wine (June 25) 
ENVIRONMENT--Letter of Authorization Issued to Northern Pulp (June 25) 
  • Frozen Breaded Chicken Products Recalled (July 2) 
  • Government Wants to Hear from Nova Scotians About Home Care, an op-ed piece by Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine (June 29) 
  • CT Scanner Helping Inverness-area Patients (June 26) 
  • Strategy to Better Support Those with Dementia, Families, Caregivers (June 23) 
NATURAL RESOURCES--Wildlife Conservation Grants Announced (July 6) 
  • New Business Tools Support Export Growth (July 2) 
  • New Business Tool to Work with Nova Scotia Filmmakers (June 26) 
  • World-leading Tech Firm Selects Nova Scotia for its Canadian Growth (June 23) 
OMBUDSMAN--Annual Report Released (June 23) 
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION--Pride Flag-raising and Events Expand Across Nova Scotia (June 26) 
TRADE CENTRE LTD.--New Convention Centre Secures 30 Events; $30 Million in Direct Spending Expected (June 25) 
Other news

Please be advised that the Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service Liverpool office, originally expected to close when the Liverpool courthouse closes in the fall, has already closed as of the end of business on Friday, June 26.

The office’s Crown attorney, who had already been spending a significant amount of time at the

Bridgewater office due to the decreasing number of prosecution files in Liverpool, is relocating to Bridgewater and will handle any Liverpool matters from that location. The Crown attorney will travel to Liverpool as needed to meet with witnesses.

For more information, see the memo dated June 25, 2015 from Martin Herschorn, Director of Public Prosecutions. 

Aileen McGinty has been appointed as a Crown attorney in the Dartmouth office of the Public Prosecution Service.

"Ms. McGinty is a seasoned lawyer whose unique background and experience will complement our team of Crown attorneys," said Martin Herschorn, Director of Public Prosecutions, in his June 24 announcement.

Originally from Scotland, Ms. McGinty graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Master of Arts in psychology in 1992, and with a law degree in 1994. 

She began her legal career in Inverness, Scotland with MacLeod and MacCallum Solicitors. In 1995, Ms. McGinty was appointed to the Highland Health Board in Inverness. In 2002, she established her own practice, concentrating on health law, particularly mental health law.

In 2010, Ms. McGinty immigrated to Canada where she worked with Nova Scotia Legal Aid in Halifax as a legal assistant while completing legal practice equivalency examinations. In 2013, she joined Weldon McInnis in Dartmouth as an associate and focused on family and criminal law.

After coming to Canada, Ms. McGinty accepted a three-year appointment as a member of the Mental Health and Law Advisory Committee of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. She also served as a review board member of the Nova Scotia Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act, and later, as a board chair.

The Society wishes to advise members of the recent death of the following colleague. We extend our condolences to his friends and family.

  • Michael Ira King QC, Halifax – June 24, 2015 

Gavin Giles QCHalifax lawyer Gavin Giles QC has been honoured with investiture into The Order of The Red Cross. Mr. Giles, a Partner at McInnes Cooper's Halifax office, was also recently elected to serve as National Chair of the Canadian Red Cross for the 2017-2020 term.

The Order of the Red Cross recognizes outstanding humanitarian service, dedication and achievement on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross Society and the world at large.

Keenly involved with the Canadian Red Cross for more than a decade and a half, Mr. Giles has held every senior volunteer executive position within the organization’s Atlantic Region. He was first elected to the Red Cross Board of Directors in 2010, and and is the organization’s current national Vice-Chair and Chair of its Governance Committee. In 2012, he was the recipient of the National Red Cross Distinguished Service Award. He has also chaired Red Cross Humanitarian Award dinners, and is a member of the capital campaign Cabinet. 
Within the broad Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, Mr. Giles maintains a special interest in Haitian reconstruction, mother and child health in sub-Saharan Central Africa, domestic disaster relief and in health, safety, housing and infrastructure renewal in northern and western Canadian Indigenous People’s communities.
His extensive community service includes efforts toward the Multiple Sclerosis cause. He has raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for MS research and programs through the annual Atlantic Canada and Nova Scotia Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tours between 2003 and 2012 as a member and later captain of the Dirty Cranks Cycling Team (founded by Ross H. Haynes QC in 1995). He also serves the Atlantic Division of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada as its Honourary Legal Counsel.
Also active in professional governance with the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society for many years, Mr. Giles was elected to Council as an At Large representative in 2011. He was acclaimed as a representative for the Halifax District in 2013 and re-elected as a Member At Large for the 2015-2017 term.
Find out more in his Council bio on the Society's website, and in his bio on the Canadian Red Cross website.  


(June 29, 2015, SYDNEY, NS) -- The Cape Breton Regional Municipality is partnering with the Government of Canada on the largest youth crime prevention program of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

On June 29, the federal government announced $3.9 million over five years for the RELAYS program (Resiliency Education Leadership Adventure and Youth Service), led by the Cape Breton Regional Police Service. This is the single largest crime prevention program in Atlantic Canada from the National Crime Prevention Strategy's Crime Prevention Fund.

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality council has approved $120,000 per year for this program over five years, bringing the overall program investment, so far, to $4.5 million.

"This program will reach youth throughout our municipality with locations in Glace Bay, Whitney Pier, New Waterford, the Northside, Sydney and Eskasoni," said Mayor Cecil Clarke. "This is a significant and meaningful step toward a better outcome for those youth in our community who are struggling."

The program will fund 24 full-time and part-time coordinators and youth workers supporting 70 at-risk youth each year. The workers will focus on supporting the teens in positive ways to overcome drug abuse, anger management issues and other challenges that put them at risk for criminal behaviour.

Police Chief Peter McIsaac says the program will target youth aged 12-17 and create a promising future for hundreds of young people in our community who would otherwise be on the wrong path.

"This program offers a tremendous opportunity to make a long-term positive and preventative impact to address the cycle of drug use and criminal activity," said Chief McIsaac. "It's about engaging youth, breaking down barriers and building relationships and trust at this critical age. It's crime prevention at its best and it's how we create healthy and safe communities."

See the original June 29 announcement from Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

Also see:

Harper Government announces support for youth crime prevention and addiction services in Sydney, Nova Scotia (June 29)

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) has posted its Annual Report on its website: The report covers the period from April 2014 to March 2015.

(July 6, 2015) -- Today the RCMP in Nova Scotia released the 2014 Year in Review, a document highlighting numerous activities and successes throughout the year.

The Year in Review details the Nova Scotia RCMP's progress toward national priorities as well as the 2014 provincial priorities, which include Crime Reduction, Road Safety and Cybercrime. A number of operational successes are also mentioned, such as charges laid in an international drug trafficking investigation and arrests made in the tragic homicides of Harley Lawrence, Catie Miller and Loretta Saunders.

Other highlights featured include the opening of a detachment in Rawdon, the launch of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall's visit to the Pictou RCMP Detachment.

This year's report is also a special tribute to honourary Staff Sergeant Andrew Kennedy. Andrew was a special young man who had a lasting impact on Nova Scotia RCMP employees.

'The 2014 Year in Review is filled with examples of how the RCMP is solving investigations and reducing crime and demonstrates the hard work and commitment of RCMP employees in Nova Scotia,' says Assistant Commissioner, Brian Brennan, Commanding Officer of the Nova Scotia RCMP. 'I encourage citizens to take some time to read about what we've accomplished. My hope is that it will help you to better understand our role as Nova Scotia's Provincial Police.'

Under the Nova Scotia Provincial Police Service Agreement, the RCMP is required to produce an annual report each year. The 2014 Year in Review can be found on the RCMP Nova Scotia website at

See the original July 6 announcement from RCMP-NS.


I am currently an Ontario law student seeking membership with the Law Society of Nova Scotia.

Before being called to the NS Bar, I have to complete a six month articling term and as such, I am looking for any opportunities that may be available to satisfy this requirement.

I am available to start immediately. Please contact me for my CV:


Reference Number: 017-15 EMA
Job Title: Senior Counsel
Business Unit: Emera Inc.
Location: Halifax, NS
Type of Employment: Regular, Full Time 


Reporting to the General Counsel, your depth and breadth of corporate law experience and ability to support corporate growth will make you a key contributor at Emera Inc. 

Emera Inc. is geographically diverse energy and services company headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia with $10.19 billion in assets and 2014 revenues of $2.97 billion. The company invests in electricity generation, storage, transmission and distribution, as well as gas transmission, energy marketing and utility energy services. Emera's strategy is focused on the transformation of the electricity industry to cleaner generation and the delivery of that clean energy to market. Emera has investments throughout northeastern North America, and in four Caribbean countries.

You will be responsible for personal safety and that of co-workers, by observing all Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations. 

Skills, Capabilities and Experience:

Reporting to the General Counsel, you will support Emera’s business development activities, and assume day-to-day leadership responsibility for legal requirements of the Business Development group. In a deal-intensive environment, you will add senior level commercial, legal and project management expertise to the structuring, due diligence and negotiation of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, investments, greenfield developments and capital projects.  You will provide on-going prompt and considered legal advice in support of Emera’s growth strategy, both domestically and internationally. You will also support the sound and progressive governance and compliance practices of the Emera group of companies.    

Whether you are currently Senior Counsel at a large corporation or a partner in a law firm, you have earned a reputation for your strong legal and leadership skills, keen commercial sense and your ability to facilitate major transactions. With Emera, you will take on  a significant corporate legal role in Eastern Canada. You will have the chance to apply your legal, leadership and people skills, as well as your considerable commercial  experience to the continuing expansion of a Canadian company success story. 

Reports to: General Counsel, Emera Inc 

Application Requirement: Go to to complete the application in the careers section. Complete all required information fields, and copy and paste your covering letter and resume into the online form. If you have questions regarding this exciting opportunity, please contact Christine Schnare 902|428|6952 or at

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Application Deadline:  July 10, 2015. Late applications may not receive consideration 

Recruitment and Promotion Policy: When filling vacant positions, we are determined to hire the best candidates available. We’re committed to providing employees with a fair and equal opportunity to compete for jobs. Hiring and promotion of employees is based on skills, capabilities, knowledge and demonstrated abilities.   

Emera values diversity in the workplace and strongly encourages applications from all qualified candidates including African Canadians and other members of the visible minority community, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and women in non-traditional roles. Applicants from these designated groups wishing to self-identify may do so through a series of questions in the on-line application process.


Job location: Halifax

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society regulates the legal profession in Nova Scotia in the public interest. Ensuring that lawyers are competent and ethical, and practise law in accordance with the standards set by the Society, is how we fulfil our public interest mandate.

Position title: Administrative Assistant, Professional Responsibility

This position provides administrative support to the Administrator and staff of the Professional Responsibility department. The Professional Responsibility Assistant anticipates the requirements of the staff and facilitates the effective and efficient operation of the department by providing organization and timely allocation of administrative resources.

Key responsibilities:

  • provides administrative support to the Administrator, Professional Responsibility, and various committees that deal with projects relating to trust account compliance matters, complaints review, custodian and receiverships;
  • data entry into database management system (iMIS) and document management system (Worldox);
  • coordinates logistics, orders food, assembles packages, minutes and follows up for meetings as required;
  • assists the Executive Assistant with organizing and maintaining departmental files and coordinates off-site storage;
  • redirects or responds to enquiries from members, the public and other departments as appropriate;
  • acts as relief receptionist as required;
  • cross-trained to carry out Executive Assistant responsibilities when required;
  • maintains departmental administrative supplies;
  • processes mail and courier requirements as required;
  • ensures completeness and accuracy of documents related to department business; and
  • screens calls if directed.

Skills required:

The role of Professional Responsibility Assistant (PRA) requires a confident and professional demeanour and the ability to handle multiple and, on occasion, conflicting priorities while supporting a number of key members of the PR staff. The PRA is expected to adapt quickly in an environment of continuous change and maintain strict confidentiality. The PRA is required to have a strong focus on member service, and on supporting the PR and committee teams. In addition, the PRA requires the following skill sets:

  • Grade 12 or GED; completed an  office administration course  from a recognized institution or equivalent experience;
  • 3 – 5 years secretarial/assistant experience;
  • proven office administration skills;
  • strong team support focus and work ethic;
  • strong communication skills both oral & written;
  • computer skills: 
  • Microsoft Office products, including the creation of Excel spreadsheets;
  • Word experience including creating, saving, maintaining, and mail merges;
  • Powerpoint presentations;
  • database entry, management and report creation/queries experience, in particular in MS Access;
  • familiarity with document management applications an asset;


  • excellent organizational, time and priority management skills;
  • initiative and good interpersonal skills;
  • excellent attention to detail;
  • ability to effectively deal with members and the public in sensitive and sometimes hostile situations;
  • good judgment and discretion; and
  • high level of honesty and integrity.

Closing date: July 13, 2015 – 4:00 pm

Please submit your application (including cover letter, resume and salary expectations) via email to The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society values diversity in the work place and is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted. This competition may be used to fill future vacancies at similar levels.

Quackenbush, Thomson & Robbins is a small law firm located in Halifax seeking a property assistant/paralegal to support a growing real estate practice. 

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years experience assisting in residential and commercial real estate transactions, with strong multi-tasking and organizational abilities. Applicants with proficiencies in Property Online and e-submission procedures will be given primary consideration. 

A competitive salary and benefits package is being offered, including an opportunity to work autonomously within a friendly and collegial small firm environment.

Please deliver your resume in confidence to:

Quackenbush, Thomson & Robbins
2571 Windsor Street
Halifax, NS  B3K 5C4

Attention: Peter J. Thomson 

Or email to:

I have recently graduated from the University of New Brunswick and am looking to obtain an articling position in Nova Scotia.

I am organized and hardworking with a keen sense of time management. My experience working in the hospitality industry has allowed me to develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

I have strong research, analytical and writing abilities. I have honed relevant legal skills through my studies, and by conducting coursework in areas including tax, real estate, dispute resolution and commercial law.   

Overall, I believe that my strong work ethic and ability to handle and excel at challenging endeavours will allow me to successfully manage the demands of an articling position. 

Please contact me to discuss my qualifications for a possible position by email at

Fownes Law 

We are looking for an association leading to eventual succession to an established pair of very well-equipped offices in Queens and Shelburne Counties. We serve a diverse client base developed over 40 years of practice. Room exists for an associate with experience in Family, Criminal, Regulatory [Fishing and Wildlife] Defence, Administrative law, and the varied aspects of general practice.

It is essential the candidate live and enjoy becoming involved in this beautiful community for maximal benefit. The Province's finest beaches, historic towns, music, golf, boating, craft beers and antique car clubs are all locally available. Culture and financial reward are both at hand. It is easy to build a great practice in a community which respects its professionals as the people and potential clients come to know you.

The firm enjoys an association with the Halifax firm Crowe Dillon Robinson giving depth in areas of civil litigation, family law, taxation and estate planning that would be the envy of many solo practitioners.

The ideal candidate would be a recent admittee who had a broad exposure to the law during his/her articles and is not shy with client relationships.

Please send an indication of your interest, qualifications and experience to:
Allen Fownes or
by mail to
Fownes Law Offices Inc.,
Box 88, Barrington, NS B0W 1E0

All replies held in confidence.

Newfoundland & Labrador Legal Aid Commission

The Newfoundland & Labrador Legal Aid Commission is proud to provide an innovative and collaborative legal aid system that responds to the needs of low income persons. Our services promote access to justice through the provision of quality legal assistance for criminal, family and some administrative law matters. Legal services are provided through a staff based delivery model via eleven full service offices, five project offices and duty counsel services province wide. We are seeking self-motivated and highly competent individuals to join our organization.  

  • 1 Staff Solicitor: Full Time Permanent — Corner Brook
  • 1 Staff Solicitor: Contractual 1 Year — Corner Brook
  • 1 Staff Solicitor: Full Time Permanent — Happy Valley-Goose Bay Family Child Office

Further details regarding these opportunities are available on our Website at

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Closing Date:  Friday July 24, 2015


Job location: Halifax

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society regulates the legal profession in Nova Scotia in the public interest. Ensuring that lawyers are competent and ethical, and practise law in accordance with the standards set by the Society, is how we fulfil our public interest mandate.

Position title: Receptionist

Reporting to the Controller, this position provides exceptional customer service for members, public and staff as first contact with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. Primarily, the Receptionist maintains the switchboard and reception area for the Society. The effective receptionist routes external clients to the right people first time, thereby saving time and providing expeditious service.

Key responsibilities:

  • operates main switchboard and directors visitors and volunteers as required;
  • provides occasional administrative support to Controller and Director, Finance & Administration
  • accounts payable tasks – posting invoices into accounting system;
  • responds to inquiries (via telephone or in person) from the public and members of the legal profession, by providing access to the correct information or redirecting the inquiry to the appropriate person or agency;
  • coordinates distribution of correspondence, facsimiles, emails and packages;
  • processes payments received in accordance with established procedures including making batches, scanning cheques and stamping for deposit;
  • issues law stamps in accordance with established procedures;
  • schedules boardroom bookings;
  • orders office supplies;
  • maintains kitchen supplies and places orders for luncheons upon request and cleans lunchroom;
  • monitors postage meter; and
  • contacts building maintenance (dispatch) with regard to cleaning and repairs.

Skills required:

This position requires extensive external communication and a significant level of internal communication; mature judgment; some degree of responsibility and resourcefulness; and the ability to work in an unsupervised environment. It also requires:

  • exceptional member focus;
  • ability to handle a multi-line switchboard;
  • keyboarding skills and a broad knowledge of office procedures;
  • Grade 12 and Secretarial Diploma from recognized business school;
  • three or more years of relevant experience;
  • excellent communication skills with a pleasant telephone manner; and
  • strong interpersonal skills and adept in dealing with the public.

Closing date: July 13, 2015 – 4:00 pm

Please submit your application (including cover letter, resume and salary expectations) via email to The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society values diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted. This competition may be used to fill future vacancies at similar levels.

A top 50 Best Employer in Canada, Stewart McKelvey is an innovative, client-driven law firm committed to providing the highest quality of ethical legal services, earning clients' trust and striving to meet and exceed expectations. Since becoming the first regional law firm more than 20 years ago, Stewart McKelvey has grown to become one of the 20 largest law firms in Canada, with six offices across four provinces. The firm invests in its people, technology and its business to ensure the continued delivery of the quality service that clients have come to expect from the firm. Driven by its commitment to outperform expectations, Stewart McKelvey is on the cutting edge of legal technology and process solutions. Tightly integrated within the firm’s workflows are innovative approaches to the practice of law and a desire to optimize service delivery. 

Stewart McKelvey is looking for an Associate Lawyer to join our team to assist in managing our busy insurance defence practice in our Halifax, NS office. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of four years of litigation experience primarily focused on insurance defence work. Candidates with strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as demonstrated advocacy skills will be given preference. Applicants should outline their demonstrated experience working as part of a litigation team as well as managing client matters independently.

This position is a non-partnership track role providing the successful applicant with greater predictability of work hours and a focus on client retention through exceptional service rather than the development of new business.

Stewart McKelvey takes pride in providing exceptional service to our clients and our ability to offer Associates challenging legal work often found only in larger urban centres. We offer a collegial work environment, unsurpassed technical and professional support, a competitive compensation package including, and the opportunity to work with some of Atlantic Canada’s leading litigators.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our Firm.

Interested applicants must be a member in good standing with a Canadian Law Society and should e-mail a resume and cover letter, including detail on the type of litigation experience the applicant offers by Friday, July 10, 2015 to:

Mairead Harvey
HR & Payroll Assistant

We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

All candidates who are interviewed will be requested to complete a Predictive Index. Please note that any offer of employment will be conditional upon a satisfactory background check. No agencies please.

Canada’s second largest airline, Jazz Aviation LP serves over 80 destinations in Canada and the United States with a fleet of regional jet and turboprop aircraft. We operate over 800 flights a day and carry over 9 million passengers each year. Headquartered in Halifax with over 5,000 employees, Jazz offers a professional working environment and opportunities for individual career growth.

Jazz is an employment equity employer. We welcome all qualified candidates to apply.We are currently accepting resumes for the position of: 

Legal Counsel (Halifax, NS)


  • Reporting to the Senior Counsel, this position will provide legal support on commercial, corporate and regulatory issues as well as to other areas of the business.
  • Perform duties in accordance with established policies and procedures while giving primary consideration to personal safety, the safety of co-workers and customers.
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • A candidate must be a practicing member of, or eligible for admission to, the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society or another law society in Canada.
  • A range of two to five years in either private practice or as corporate counsel practising corporate and commercial law is preferred.
  • The successful candidate will have exceptional communication skills and work well both independently and in a collaborative environment.
  • Must be a strong team player.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English are required.
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Proficiency in French would be an asset.
  • Experience working in the airline industry is an asset.

Qualified applicants must apply online at in order to be considered for this position.  

  • 20 years experience in most areas of practice
  • worked for major firms in Toronto and Halifax
  • proficient in MS Word, MS Outlook, PC Law, spreadsheet applications and conducting research on the internet
  • proven performer in accurately preparing court documents
  • excellent communication skills developed through interaction with lawyers, clients, co-workers and court officers
  • ability to work both independently and as a team player

I am self-motivated and thrive in a challenging environment. I am interested in full time, part time or contract employment.

Please email or call 240-4336 and I will be happy to forward you my resume.

Volunteer and Pro Bono

A full compliment to our board will strengthen our ability to fulfill our mission and mandate. Our vision is of healthy, hopeful and empowered individuals, supported by a caring and involved community. We need people that understand the challenges, stigmas, and systematic issues faced by women and girls involved in, and at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system.

Coverdale has a mandate to provide programs and services for women and girls navigating their way in the community and those integrating back into society following incarceration. We offer a court support program, personal development workshops, and one-on-one support services. Our programs were developed and implemented to create self awareness and encourage positive change while promoting safe and healthy environments.

We are seeking people who understand that women and girls who are criminalized, living with mental health issues, marginalized, institutionalized and facing many barriers daily, require comprehensive and consistent supports and services.

Do you have the skills and desire to productively assist a not-for-profit organization and the women it serves? Coverdale Courtwork Society is the place where your passion and expertise can make a real difference. The committment includes a monthly board meeting, an opportunity to work on a committee, and a willingness to use your skills and knowledge to assist the Society. Attendance at Society events may also be required.

Interested? Please email us at, Attn: Kathy McKay.

If joining the board isn't for you, there are other ways to help. If you have fundraising and/or proposal writing experience in your background, you may be interested in joining our Fund Development Committee.

We also rely on the generosity of the community for donations to ensure we can meet the ongoing needs of the women and girls we serve. Contact Marlene at 902-405-4327 or visit our website at to donate.    


Upcoming Events
Event Date: Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 16:30 to Saturday, July 18, 2015 - 17:00

The Directors College, a joint venture of The Conference Board of Canada and the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, offers participants a Chartered Director (C. Dir.) designation upon completion of the five-module program. 

The Chartered Director program focuses on practical governance issues, as well as the cultural and behavioural aspects of good governance. Board members and senior executives gain understanding of both the processes and behaviours that underpin today’s best practices in corporate governance.

Module 5: The Board Simulation

Put into practice all your experiences and learnings from the previous four modules.

  • Participate as a board member at an actual board and committee meeting, as your experience a "day on the board" of our simulated corporation.
  • Gain personal insight on how your board behaviour, and that of others, affects board process and productivity.

This module, unique to the Directors College, gives candidates a chance to experience realistic board situations. Our participants rate this module as the highlight of the program. 

Register online at

Event Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 - 12:00 to 13:00

"Protest and Permanent injunctions in the Aboriginal Context

In Nunatukavut Community Council v. Nalcor Energy, the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal considered the appropriateness of a permanent injunction following a one day peaceful protest by an Aboriginal group in Labrador.

The decision provides insight into a number of areas of law including principles guiding the remedy of permanent injunction, proper scope of an injunction, Charter considerations in protest contexts, and the role of the duty to Aboriginal groups, government, and industry proponents – continues to occur regularly.

This meeting should be of benefit to Aboriginal Law practitioners. The Court of Appeal's discussion of the use and scope of the remedy of permanent injunction is also applicable to other areas of law.


  • Jason Cooke, Burchells LLP

Event Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015 - 16:30
You are cordially invited to celebrate with us at the 13th Annual Pride Reception, co-hosted by the SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) Section of the Canadian Bar Association – Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society.
Thursday, July 23, 2015 – 4:30 to 6:30 pm
(Note: Please enter at the north entrance by Fruition)
Special guest Craig Scott is the Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth and Official Opposition Critic for Democratic and Parliamentary Reform. Prior to his election in 2012, he was an influential scholar in the field of international human rights law as Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University and previously at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. 
Craig has carried a life devoted to fighting for human rights and equality – and pursuing justice through law – into his government work. Ontario’s only openly gay MP, he works on parliamentary law reform initiatives with colleagues in the NDP’s LGBTQ Caucus. He introduced Bill C-448 to repeal an outdated Criminal Code provision that unconstitutionally discriminates against members of the LGBTQ community with regard to sexual activity and the age of consent. Last year he tabled Motion M-517, calling for an investigation into the many decades during which LGBTQ Canadians were dismissed or forced to leave the Canadian Forces (1950s to 1992). He’s also a strong advocate for Aboriginal rights and anti-poverty, housing and environmental issues.
RSVP by Thursday, July 16 to Kevin Hong at
Event Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 18:00

The Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities & Community Health Project (Dr. Ingrid Waldron, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University) and the Halifax Central Library would like to invite you to "Connecting the Dots: Confronting Environmental Racism in Nova Scotia". This free event will take place at the Halifax Central Library (Paul O'Regan Hall) on Tuesday, July 28 from 6 pm - 8:45 pm.


You can find more information on the event at the Facebook Event Page here:

Please come out to learn from some of the research and ongoing community work that is happening to fight against environmental racism. Environmental racism refers to the disproportionate location of toxic facilities and other environmentally hazardous activities in communities with historically marginalized voices (predominantly racialized and working poor).

Although environmental racism has been a long-standing issue in Nova Scotia and is a term that is becoming more well-known, we are still far away from a collective understanding of how this form of oppression manifests itself in the province we live in.

This event hopes to create greater awareness and spark more critical discussions about the importance of incorporating "race" as a core element of environmental justice initiatives in Nova Scotia.

The event will feature five panelists who will share their challenges, successes and strategies for mobilizing on environmental racism in Mi'kmaw and African Nova Scotian communities.

Long-time activist Lynn Jones will moderate the panel discussion.

Panelists will include:

  • Dorene Bernard (Indian Brook)
  • Sherry Pictou (Bear River)
  • Mary Desmond (Lincolnville)
  • Carolann Wright-Parks, Director, Community Economic Development & Strategic Engagement, Halifax Partnership
  • Lenore Zann, NDP Deputy House Leader; NDP Critic for Aboriginal Affairs; Education; Community Services; Communities, Culture & Heritage; and MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Salmon River-Millbrook.

Free refreshments will be provided

The event will include performances by:

  • All Nations Drummers
  • Umoja Cultural Diversity Drummers

This event is being funded by an Open Academy Grant from the Royal Society of Canada.

The event is being organized by:

  • Environmental Noxiousness, Racial Inequities & Community Health Project (ENRICH):
  • Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG)
  • Ecology Action Center (EAC)
Event Date: Friday, September 11, 2015 - 08:30
CLE Day 2 - One and Done
A 12-hour extravaganza of CLE featuring the Hon. Justice Tom Cromwell of the Supreme Court of Canada as an evening speaker, sponsored by the Pictou County Barristers’ Society

Fees will be $175, starts at 8:30 am at Pictou Lodge, Braeshore and wraps up by 8:00 pm the same day.
Seating is limited, RSVP to Doug Lloy at
To register, cheques are payable to the Pictou County Barristers’ Society, at the following address:

Nova Scotia Legal Aid 
116 George Street 
New Glasgow, N.S.
B2H 2K6
Agenda of speakers
8:30 – 9:30 am: Ian MacLean, QC, Real Estate Tidbits
9:30 – 11:05 am: Stacey Gerrard, LIANS, Safe Practice Tips and Trends
11:15 – 11:50 am: Roger Burrill, Butch Fiske QC and Mark Scott, Significant Appeal Court Cases of 2015
11:50 am – 12:25 pm: Halfpenny-MacQuarrie, JPC, Specialized Provincial Court Forums
12:25 – 1:30 LUNCH 
1:30 – 2:15 pm: Lee Cohen QC, Immigration Law and You
2:15 – 3:00 pm: Harry Munro QC, Wills - A Dead Giveaway
3:15 – 3:50 pm: Chief Justice (S.C. Fam. Div.) Lawrence O'Neill, Case Management and Family Law Updates from the NSSC (FD)
3:50 – 4:25 pm: Scaravelli, J., Affidavits and Settlement Conferences
4:25 – 4:55 pm: Boudreau, J. and Barry Mason, Trial Advocacy Tips: Documentary Evidence Pointers
4:55 – 5:30 pm: Farrar, J.A., Written Appellate Advocacy
5:30 – 7:00 pm: NETWORKING / DINNER (dinner served 5:45 pm)
7:00 pm: Keynote Speaker, the Hon. Justice Tom Cromwell, SCC
Event Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 (All day) to Wednesday, September 30, 2015 (All day)

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