Help for Family Lawyers

New to the practice of family law? Think you know it all (but would like to check to make sure...)?

Don’t forget about the Professional Standards (Family). The Standards are a quick-and-easy resource for family law practitioners in Nova Scotia and are available online right here on the LIANS website, at

The Standards are not an exhaustive review of substantive family law. They are, however, a handy guide to all the existing professional obligations required of lawyers who practise in this challenging area. The Standards also contain practical resources and helpful hints on a range of topics – from affidavits and assisted reproduction to conflicts of interest and client competence.

Although the Standards have been around since 2011, they are reviewed and updated by the Society’s Professional Standards (Family) Committee every year in order to ensure they remain current and accurate.

Get on top of your game (or make sure you’re still there) … check out the Professional Standards (Family) today!