Governance and Nominating Committee

Council Committee


  • The Committee supports Council in the governance of the Society by:
  • Assisting with the recruitment, appointment and election of members of Council and Officers of the Society;
  • Supporting Council’s commitment to the principles and practices of good governance.


  • Establish and ensure an open and transparent nominating and election process for Council positions that provides candidates for all positions;
  • Recruit a Second Vice-President nominee;
  • Recruit candidates for Public Representatives on Council for appointment by Council;
  • Consult with the Equity Officer, the Racial Equity Committee and other relevant organizations prior to finalizing nominations;
  • Recommend to Council recipients of the Distinguished Service Award, and other Honours and Awards, as appropriate;
  • Support Council’s governance of the Society, including but not limited to:
  • recommending changes to the Legal Profession Act and Regulations and changes to Council Policies;
  • Monitor and review Council governance policies;
  • Annually recommend, for Council approval, committee appointments.