Recent Property Online Service Interruption: Message to Members

The Society followed the recent service interruption at Property Online. Our acting Executive Director, Jacqueline Mullenger, and the Director of LIANS, Lawrence Rubin, met with the Registrar General. We continue to engage with other members of the Bar on implications.

We know it was a serious challenge conducting busy practices while protecting clients’ interests during this uncertainty. You often had to explain that some delay is necessary, even though there might be cost or other implications for the client.

Our message to you, the public, and other professionals is to please continue to be patient – even in the aftermath as delayed matters are caught-up.  

We encourage you to continue to practice safely and effectively and not to feel channelled into actions that will create undue risk.

Continue to explain to your clients the need for you to take your time in order to protect their interests, and why that is happening. Educate other real estate professionals, in an ongoing way.

RELANS’ ListServe is a good way for lawyers to communicate with each other to develop solutions.

We will communicate new information if and as it becomes available. Please note the Society has posted a message on the public-facing part of our website about the disruption and your clients with questions can be directed there.