Missing Wills: February 16, 2024

The NSBS offers an online form whereby members of the public may provide details relating to a family member’s will, should they be unable to locate it. We receive details from people searching on behalf of family members who are either recently deceased or have dementia.

We have been advised of the following missing wills during the last 30 days, with information exactly as provided in the form. Should you believe your office has a copy of this person’s will, please contact info@nsbs.org and we can provide additional information, including contact details of the respective family member.

First name on missing willLast name on missing willLast known residence
Edward OwenDillmanCrichton Ave., Dartmouth, NS
Bruce WayneGrantHalifax, NS
AudreyLePage-AbrahamSentinal Sq or Young St. Halifax, NS
CarlCroftStellarton, NS
Carolyn KathleenDoeringBridgewater, NS
Sarah EmilyDonnellyRiverton, NS
Glendon AllanNeilyMiddleton, NS
MabelSiefertHighway #3, NS
MargaretFordHammonds Plains, NS