FRAUD ALERT: Potential virus in zip file “ticket invoice” from “Air Canada”

Confirmed email scam attempts purportedly from "Air Canada" have been circulating for some time – example here:

From: Air Canada [mailto: tickets @]
Sent: July-17-14 11:47 AM
Subject: Your Order #38810882 - PROCESSED
Dear client,
Your order has been successfully processed and your credit card has been charged.
E-TICKET # QB38810882CA
FLIGHT # 479018
DATE & TIME / JUL 19th, 2014, 14:30
The ticket and the payment confirmation invoice can be viewed online :
www .aircanada. com/travelInformation/
To download an electronic copy of the documents, for your own records, visit :
www .aircanada. com/travelInformation/ action=download_docs&fid=QB38810882CA
For more information regarding your order, contact us by visiting : www .aircanada. com/en/ customercare/ index.html
Thank you for choosing Air Canada

This email has been confirmed as a scam attempt and should simply be dismissed and deleted. As always, links and attachments in unsolicited or unanticipated emails should not be accessed unless the sender can be positively verified, as they may contain viruses.

For tips to avoid being victimized, read a list of "Red Flags”, and visit the Fraud section on To report or seek advice on dealing with fraud and scam attempts, contact Cynthia Nield at or 902 423 1300, x346.