FRAUD ALERT: Legitimate-looking phishing attempt from “American Express Account Protection Services”

A very legitimate-looking phishing attempt purportedly from "American Express Account Protection Services" has recently been circulating – example here:

Fraud Protection Alert

Please verify a recent charge attempt by logging in to your account at .

Dear Customer,

For your security, we regularly monitor accounts for possible fraudulent activity. Below are the details of an attempted charge which occurred within minutes of the timestamp of this message.

Attempt Date:    02/10/16
Merchant:          Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Amount:            404.07 USD
Status:               Not Approved
Case Number:   45723

<Login to Verify>

Some transactions are pre-authorized before the final sale. These can include purchases made at gas stations, hotels, and car rental merchants. Please note the amount shown above may not reflect the exact amount of your final transaction.

If we've already spoken to you about this matter, please disregard this message. No further action is required.

Thank you for your Cardmembership.

American Express Account Protection Services

This scam attempts to acquire your personal login and bank account information. As always, links and attachments in unsolicited or unanticipated emails should not be accessed unless the sender can be positively verified, as they may contain viruses.

For tips to avoid being victimized, visit the Fraud section on, and to report or seek advice on dealing with fraud and scam attempts, contact Cynthia Nield at or 902 423 1300, x346.