For the public

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society regulates the legal profession in Nova Scotia in the public interest. Ensuring that lawyers are competent and ethical, and practise law in accordance with the standards set by the Society, is how we fulfil our public interest mandate.

The Society is obligated to set and enforce standards of competence and ethics for lawyers. These requirements are applied when individuals seek to become lawyers, through the profession’s rigorous admissions process. Standards that address ethical requirements, the handling of trust funds and financial security also apply to all practising lawyers.

To fulfill its regulatory mandate, the Society:

  • requires law graduates to complete a 12-month pre-admission program, complete the Bar Admission Course and pass the Bar Examination;
  • articulates ethical standards through its Code of Professional Conduct, which recently replaced the previous Legal Ethics Handbook;
  • receives and investigates complaints concerning lawyers’ quality of service and allegations of professional misconduct;
  • prosecutes alleged misconduct by lawyers;
  • sets requirements for lawyers’ continuing professional development; and
  • requires lawyers to maintain liability insurance to protect against errors and omissions.

Along with its role as a regulator, the Society also strives to improve the administration of justice in the province. Through linkages with the Courts, government departments and participants in the justice system, the Society seeks to facilitate dialogue and cooperation that will improve all aspects of the justice system for Nova Scotians.

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