Other CPD resources

Continuing professional development is readily available to lawyers across Nova Scotia in a number of formats. Many programs are now online, so lawyers can learn in the convenience of their own homes and offices, on their own timetables. 

Increasingly, lawyers are organizing CPD study groups – thereby ensuring their CPD is relevant and available at no or little cost. 

Formal programming is offered through a wide range of CPD providers, including but not limited to the following: 

See the Upcoming events page or the Events calendar for information on upcoming conferences, seminars, webinars and other offerings from CPD providers. To post a CPD event relevant to the legal profession in Nova Scotia, please submit the details through our Submit event page.

If you have questions about available resources or whether a particular option is appropriate, email us at CPD@nsbs.org or phone the CPD line at 902 422 1491 (ext. 371). Your queries will be answered within five business days.