Categories of membership

Members of the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society fall into one of the following categories of membership, as per the Regulations under the Legal Profession Act (subregulation 5.3.1):
  • An articled clerk is a person enrolled in the Society's Bar Admission program and registered on the register of articled clerks. Articled clerks may only practise under supervision.
  • A practising lawyer is one who can carry on the practice of law in Nova Scotia as defined in Part II of the Legal Profession Act.
  • Non-practising, retired and life members of the Society formerly were practising lawyers but are now not entitled to carry on the practice of law.​
  • Québec lawyers may qualify to practise in Nova Scotia as Canadian Legal Advisors (CLAs) under conditions posted on the Transfers from Québec page. 

Annual fees
Membership fees for the various categories of membership are outlined in the Society's Regulations and set each year by Council. See Schedule A: Society Fees and Assessments for current fees. Annual fees are due no later than June 30 of each year (for the upcoming year). Fees are considered paid when they are received at the Society's Offices.

No person may resign as a member of the Society unless permitted to do so by a resolution of the Council or by order of a Hearing Panel pursuant to subsection 45(4).