Fitness to Practise Committee

Regulatory Committee


  • The FTPC supports Council in the governance of the Society by carrying out its responsibilities under the Act and Regulations, and by developing policies and procedures for the Fitness to Practise Committee process.


  • To carry out the work assigned to it by the Legal Profession Act and the Society’s Regulations;
  • To consider and recommend to Council and, where appropriate the PRPPC, policy direction relating to aspects of the fitness to practise process that impact the Society’s obligations to members, complainants and other affected individuals, or that impact key outcomes of the professional responsibility process;
  • To consider and, following consultation with the Complaints Investigation Committee, recommend to Council for its approval policies to be applied by the Complaints Investigation Committee in the investigation and disposition of complaints involving matters of incapacity;
  • To consider and recommend to the Executive Director, for approval, operational and administrative procedures for the handling of incapacity and fitness to practise matters;
  • To make recommendations to Council for its approval respecting amendments to the Legal Profession Act and the Society’s Regulations governing the fitness to practise process.