Finding affordable and accessible CPD

There is wide latitude in terms of how your recommended CPD hours can be achieved, with emphasis on accessibility and affordability. The Society is not accrediting programs. Instead, lawyers are free to choose education that is most relevant to their practice of law.

In addition the ‘formal’, in-person education courses and conferences that we traditionally associate with CPD, a wide range of learning-focused activities qualify toward your requirement:

  • Online courses (including self-study courses)
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Distance education courses
  • Teaching and presenting
  • Writing or editing a book, article or blog;
  • Study group of two or more people
  • Educational component of Bar and law association meetings
  • Participating in a practice advisor / advisee or mentor / mentee relationship (to a maximum of 2 hours)

Some options for relevant and affordable CPD include:

  • The excellent resources offered through the LIANS Risk and Practice Management Program. LIANS offers regular webinars and in-person CPD sessions exploring a wide range of Risk & Practice Management topics.
  • The NSBS Annual Meeting – three hours of CPD is provided at no cost to attendees; also, keynote speeches are made available to view on the Society’s website.
  • Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law offers the popular "Sessions @ Schulich" series. These are advertised in InForum and on the Society’s website, as well as on the Schulich site.
  • Mentor a student or young lawyer. In addition to acting as a supervisor to an Articled Clerk, there are a number of formal mentorship programs for Nova Scotia lawyers, including:
    • LIANS Mentorship Program
    • The Dalhousie Association of Women in the Law (DAWL) - This mentorship program is aimed at connecting women and trans law students with women involved in all aspects of legal practice in the Halifax community.
    • The NSBS Equity Program coordinates three mentorship programs:
      • Legal Legacies & Bridges (LLB): African Canadian and Aboriginal Law Student Mentorship Program – The Society offers this mentorship program in conjunction with the Indigenous Black and Mi’kmaq Initiative at Dalhousie University (IB&M).
      • The Internationally Trained Lawyers Observership Program: The Society runs this mentorship program in collaboration with Immigrant Settlement & Integration Services (ISI) in Halifax. 
      • Pride Mentorship Program: This program, for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered lawyers, is offered in collaboration with the CBA Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) section. Its purpose is to provide a community of support for students and new lawyers entering the profession.
  • Create your own customized CPD programming at no cost by forming a study group.

Visit the Upcoming events page or the Events calendar regularly for information on upcoming conferences, seminars, webinars and other offerings from CPD providers.