Fee disputes and negligence

Fee disputes
If you and your lawyer have not thoroughly discussed how much your case will cost, you may not know what to expect on your lawyer’s statement of account. If you feel that your lawyer’s fees are too high or incorrect and you cannot resolve this with your lawyer, you can ask the Small Claims Court to review it. The Society cannot assist with disputes about your lawyer’s fees. The Small Claims Court has the authority to reduce the account in appropriate circumstances. The address of the Small Claims Court in your area can be found at: www.courts.ns.ca, or call the Society at 902 422 1491.

The Society’s Professional Responsibility department does not investigate complaints of lawyer negligence because professional negligence (e.g., errors and omissions) is not generally considered a disciplinary matter. The Society requires that practising lawyers be covered by professional liability insurance. The Lawyers' Insurance Association of Nova Scotia administers this insurance plan for lawyers. See www.lians.ca for more details.