Federal Court Circular 06/2015: Prothonotary Recruitment Process

TO: Parties and Members of the Legal Profession
FROM: Daniel Gosselin, Chief Administrator
DATE: September 15, 2015
SUBJECT: Prothonotary Recruitment Process

This is to inform you that the Federal Court has launched a selection process for the recruitment of a Prothonotary in Ottawa, and to create a pool of candidates in Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Applications must be received by 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on October 15, 2015 for the position in Ottawa and by 23:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on November 15, 2015 for the pool of candidates.

The advertisement and selection criteria for this staffing process are posted on the Federal Court’s website.

Original signed by
Daniel Gosselin

See the original Circular 06/2015.