Executive Committee

Council Committee


  • The Executive Committee support Council in the governance of the Society by ensuring matters are ready for consideration by Council, and undertaking matters that are delegated to it by Council.
  • The Committee assists Council in carrying out the work of the Society and act on behalf of Council in matters of urgency.


  • Assess issues to be presented to Council;
  • Ensure matters are ready and appropriate for Council consideration;
  • On behalf of the Society liaise with government, the Courts, and other organizations to further the objectives of the Society;
  • Provide guidance to the Executive Director and Council;
  • Monitor the Long-term Strategic Plan and the Annual Activity Plan;
  • Ensure that Council evaluates its work and the work of committees through a regular evaluation process;
  • Assist in overseeing the management of volunteers;
  • Assist Council, as directed, in overseeing the work within the authority of the Executive Director, in order to promote the accountability of the Executive Director to Council.