Virtually Executing documents and Navigating Estate Planning in Nova Scotia

COVID-19 has caused Nova Scotia lawyers to dramatically change how they practice. The Canadian Rights and Freedoms Centre has brought in two Wills & Estate lawyers, Lisa Teryl and Kristen O’Keefe, to discuss various issues surrounding estate planning with virtual tools.

This webinar will cover:
• How to sign affidavits during COVID-19
• Is Zoom appropriate for confidential lawyer/ client meetings?
• Assessing capacity and duress remotely
• How to sign Wills virtually and minimize the risks of non-compliance with Wills Act.

Plus Free Resources:
• Retainer agreement for wills with additional clauses specifically for video conferencing
• A mandatory Affidavit Certificate provided
• Template closing letter to include with estate documents
Q&A – questions submitted via email prior and during the event to this event

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