Screening – Best Practices for Identifying and Managing Power Imbalances and Family Violence

Acquire skills to identify and assess power imbalances and family violence for safer and more effective family dispute resolution.

Screening is an essential first step when engaging in any family dispute resolution process. This 3-day (21 hours) in-person session will use lectures, group discussions, and role plays to help you to:

  • Understand and identify power imbalances and family violence
  • Recognize the impacts that power imbalances and family violence can have in families and dispute resolution processes
  • Consider how diversity of various types may impact power imbalances
  • Use screening tools
  • Assess and manage risk
  • Design a safer process
  • Engage in safety planning
  • Prepare for a safe termination

Cost:  $1,000

Multi-course discount:  Deduct $100 off the price of your second, and each subsequent, course.

Pre-requisities:  Law degree or mental health professional, unless otherwise approved.