Remote Control: Video Discoveries and Other Tools for Law Firm Survival in a Pandemic

While the courthouse doors are closed and lawyers are generally unable to be in the same room with their clients, their colleagues, and opposing counsel and their clients – we cannot allow the administration of justice or the progress of our cases to stall. Tech-savvy practitioners are moving to online solutions to keep their cases moving toward resolution. You can and should too! You need to consider how you can serve your clients and manage your cases remotely… because the effects of the pandemic are going to last a long time.

Join APTLA’s Mathieu Picard and Chris Correia, Q.C. for a practical guide to best practices for online legal representation of your clients. See for yourself what you need to make this work. Learn how to do a discovery, mediation or settlement conference remotely. Get the tips and traps of the technology needed to interact seamlessly with your client and opposing counsel. Find what you need to enter this new playing field and feel comfortable there.

The program is being presented live and will include a Q&A component with participants. After the program, registrants may be able to schedule short sessions for live, real-time practice sessions – if desired.

This session is free to APTLA Members as a service during the pandemic and the various states of emergency in our provinces. There is a fee for Non-Members.