The term ageism is a socially constructed way of thinking about older people based on negative attitudes and stereotypes about aging. It can often ignore the needs this demographic has and the valued contributions they can make. In this webinar, we will look at ways of challenging age bias in the workplace.

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The Canadian Bar Association, Nova Scotia branch (CBA-NS) is excited to announce the first of its 2020 Virtual Conference Series: Moving the Justice System Online – Everything You Need to Know. Open to non-CBA members, this event provides an opportunity for you to get a head-start on your CPD hours and experience the quality professional development events the CBA-NS has to offer.

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Pretrial is over and your case didn’t settle. Now what? Most everything we do as lawyers can be reduced to a series of steps that not only help us achieve our goals, but also avoid oversights along the way. This exciting new short course will provide an overview of key tasks for counsel to perform when preparing for trial. Experienced litigator Michael Lesage will walk you through the process of …

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