The Coronavirus has affected every element of your clients’ lives and has had a tremendous impact on legal practice and the progress of all civil litigation. APTLA has created what Members need at this particular point in time: NOV-COV: PLAINTIFF PRACTICE DURING AND AFTER THE PANDEMIC (AND MORE). Join APTLA as we look at how we proceed during and after the pandemic.

We are delving into how trial practice has changed and how to best respond to the various legal challenges. We are taking a deep dive into the IME (with and without Covid) and also what assessments, treatments and services are possible remotely. We will also look at Covid’s impact on the mental health of your already injured clients. The program will look at Financial Causation for the self-employed and wage earners, and where Business Interruption Insurance fits in to your clients’ claims. We will also review Covid-related caselaw that every plaintiff counsel should know and hold a four province Judicial discussion of the Court’s experience during the height of the 1st Wave, and the changes to come from the Court systems as a result of Covid. In short, we’ve got Covid covered for every one of your cases.

NOV-COV: PLAINTIFF PRACTICE DURING AND AFTER THE PANDEMIC (AND MORE) is split into six segments of various lengths and presented on Tuesdays and Fridays in November. Each segment is being presented as a LIVE webinar, and will also be available as a recorded webinar, after its live presentation. Registrants will have access to both.

Complete information is set out on our NOV-COV Program Page.