Legal Talent Transformation: Enabling Trusted Future-ready Professionals


Provocation: Current approaches to legal education are largely based on an outmoded philosophy of the nature of legal work. Are definitions of legal talent being re-defined? Traditional approaches to legal education are under increasing scrutiny. While much of the debate plays out in the context of the role of law schools, continuing professional development is also grappling with how to enable the upskilling and re-tooling of lawyers to meet modern legal services demands. Arguably, this is insufficient. If lawyering is increasingly a multidisciplinary function of traditional lawyers and allied legal professionals rather than a single narrow professional identity, then conceptions of what talent is needed in the context of legal services must evolve. In this session, legal and talent development leaders discuss global trends in talent development and management and the implications for the legal industry at two levels: the individual legal industry professional, and employers of such individuals. What do innovative talent development and management models look like and how can businesses retain talent in a competitive talent market?

Ms Catherine Kemnitz, Chief Legal Officer, Axiom Law
Prof Richard Susskind OBE, Author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers and Online Courts and the Future of Justice
Mr Mark Cohen, CEO, Legal Mosaic
Mr Rama Tiwari, Chief Executive, Singapore Academy of Law
Prof Philip Anderson, Academic Director, Rudolf and Valerie Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship
Ms Pei Ying Chua, APAC Lead Economist, LinkedIn