Lawyers and the Media: How to Build Successful Relationships.

Think you’ll never have a case that attracts media attention? Think again! Interest by modern media publishers in legal matters extends far beyond criminal and regulatory prosecutions. Today’s lawyers are contacted by reporters about workplace investigations, unusual family and estates litigation, consumer complaints, real estate and zoning matters, landlord and tenant disputes, and more. However since dealing with the media is not something normally taught in law school, many lawyers resist interacting with the press and overlook the benefits of positive media relations, including ensuring your client receives fair treatment in the court of public opinion, building your practice, and showing your expertise. In this timely and highly practical program, award-winning former journalist Tamara Cherry will discuss the necessity, benefits and practicalities of working successfully with today’s media. You will learn:

How the media operates today
What “off the record” and other lingo means
The importance of building media relationships
Why courtroom skills don’t transfer to communication with the media
How different mediums require different messaging
What lawyers can do to better prepare for interviews and appearances
How to take control of the message and deal with challenging interactions

Today’s fluid media landscape means many lawyers will interact with the press at some point in their career. Attend this webinar and get the confidence and skills to successfully work with the press in any situation!

Live webinar with chat includes 60 day replay. This program features real-time audio of the presenter with synchronized presentation slides, and a chat feature that allows for live Q & A.