Language Matters: Expert guidance on crafting inclusive collective agreement clauses

In this webinar, expert panelists will provide practical guidance on drafting and negotiating collective agreement language that promotes workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Panelists will address questions including:

1. How can workplace parties apply anti-racism and intersectional approaches when reviewing collective agreement language and negotiating new clauses?
2. What changes should workplace parties consider making to commonly-used terminology in their collective agreements to ensure that contract language is inclusive and non-discriminatory?
3. Should parties consider updating their collective agreement language in light of federal Employment Equity Act amendments?
4. What lessons can be learned from recent arbitration decisions in which collective agreement language was found to be discriminatory?
5. What are some examples of collective agreement clauses that have recently been negotiated to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion and remove barriers for employees?
6. How can parties ensure that collective agreement language aimed at promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure that it does not conflict with other collective agreement rights (e.g. seniority rights)?