Lancaster Speaker Series: Dr. Dayna-Lee Baggley – The Burnout Burger: The role of psychological safety in preventing burnout in the workplace

Rates of burnout have never been higher. However, the conventional focus on self-care falls short. In this innovative presentation, Dr. Dayna will present a more comprehensive strategy to address burnout known as “the Burnout Burger”. The Burnout Burger highlights that burnout is not just the responsibility of the individual. Instead, the individual is squeezed between organizational and cultural factors that also influence burnout. Dr. Dayna will present the science of burnout and actionable strategies to address the Burnout Burger, including the role of psychological safety in targeting burnout. Attendees will gain insight into cutting-edge, evidence-based tips and techniques, empowering individuals, leaders, and workplaces to effectively address burnout and foster the well-being of both employees and organizations.