Justice System Transformations: Public-Private Partnership Journeys


Provocation: The courts are a service not a place. Online courts and automated court self-help services are transforming how laypersons and legal professionals alike are interacting with justice systems. The pace of change in public sector is being accelerated by innovative partnerships with the public sector and community groups. In this session, legal leaders discuss and share examples of how public-private partnerships can serve the transformation of justice systems not just in terms of efficiencies but also in terms of accessibility and user-centredness. Importantly, even as digitalisation is proposed as a crucial way in which access to justice can be enhanced through lowered costs, how might this be balanced with the risk of creating different barriers such as a digital divide? Beyond innovative applications of technology, how can we ensure that access to justice is served by other forms of innovation and what are some examples of this?

Ms Catherine Kemnitz, Chief Legal Office, Axiom Law
Prof Richard Susskind OBE, Author of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers” and “Online Courts and the Future of Justice”
Mr Mark A Cohen, CEO, Legal Mosaic
Mr Thomas Heilmann, Member of German Parliament
Mr Tan Ken Hwee, Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer (Judiciary), Supreme Court
Ms Michelle He, Senior Legal Counsel. Tencent
Mr Mason Jiang, Senior Counsel, Tencent