Halifax Hockey Summit: Changing the Game through Uncomfortable Conversations

Join Portia Clark (CBC Information Morning) in conversation with Anson Carter, Jill Saulnier, Georges Laraque, Mikyla Grant-Mentis, Dre Barone and other hockey personalities as we inspire positive change through difficult conversations.

Plus, hear from Bill Riley (the first African Nova Scotian to crack the NHL – Washington Capitals), on his trailblazing experiences while breaking barriers in the game, and as we present the inaugural Hockey Nova Scotia Bill Riley Award, and Bill Riley Scholarship.

This summit is designed for players, parents, coaches, officials and administrators as we collaborate and discuss important topics in hockey such as:

– Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Moving beyond the buzzwords

– Inclusive leadership, What does that look like?

– Highlighting best practices and guidance in conducting local investigations

– Building blocks to an ideal code of conduct, What is zero tolerance?

– Is there a role for restorative justice in hockey?

– What our hockey heroes are saying?

Speaking openly about racism, discrimination, equity, diversity, and inclusion without fear of saying the wrong thing is difficult for most people. The Halifax Hockey Summit is designed to encourage safe and brave conversations between and among attendees who want to learn more and do better at creating safe and inclusive spaces. This Summit is a space where we create positive change through difficult conversations. Although hockey is the motivation for the Summit, the topics to be discussed are applicable to all sports and will benefit all organizations whether it is sport or otherwise.

Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/halifax-hockey-summit-tickets-345645223167