Estate Planning Blunders and How to Avoid Them

Event Details: Estate planning seems relatively straightforward – a client asks for a will and you draw it up. You do what the client asks, and the client is happy, so all is well, right? Not exactly. Estate planning is complicated – it involves understanding estate and gift tax laws, income tax laws, probate procedure, financial planning, and long-term care planning. It also requires a tremendous amount of research, fact-finding and listening. Lawyers who dabble in will drafting, and even experienced estate planning practitioners who fail to have frank discussions with clients, can cause serious errors and invite negligence claims. Attend this program and learn how you can avoid costly mistakes for your clients, and for you.

Experienced estates lawyer Lynne Butler draws on personal and vicarious experiences to identify common estate planning blunders (and their consequences), and offers suggestions for how to avoid these mistakes in your own practice. Topics include joint bank accounts, leaving the cabin to the kids, choice of executor, and much more. Each “do not do” is followed by alternative strategies that can lead to vastly different results. Delivering practical and helpful information about a serious topic in a light tone, this presentation will make having difficult conversations with clients about assets, relationships and goals a little easier, and expose hidden pitfalls that can trip up even experienced estates practitioners. The principles and concepts taught will apply equally across the country.

Live webinar with chat includes 60 day replay. This program features real-time audio of the presenter with synchronized presentation slides, and a chat feature that allows for live Q & A.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (Atlantic)

Organization – Seminar Partners

Event Location – Toronto, Ontario

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