Effective Grievance Handling and Arbitration Advocacy: Intensive training for employers and unions

While arbitration of a grievance tends to be viewed as “the main event,” the procedure leading up to arbitration should not be neglected. Employer and union representatives should cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary to resolve grievances early, before expensive and unpredictable arbitration is necessary. Of course, not every grievance can be settled without arbitration. When arbitration is necessary, both employer and union representatives need to be able to effectively mount a successful grievance arbitration case or to give maximum assistance to counsel.

Over the course of this two-day session, leading employer and union counsel and one of Canada’s foremost arbitrators will lead participants in interactive discussion of strategies for settling grievances before arbitration and explain how to win cases when arbitration is necessary.

Working through a realistic grievance with the guidance of experts, participants will learn to:

– Prepare effectively for formal grievance meetings;
– Determine which grievances should go to arbitration;
– Identify key issues, strengths, and weaknesses of a grievance;
– Address preliminary issues, such as timeliness;
– Obtain and provide appropriate disclosure;
– Prepare, examine, and cross-examine witnesses;
– Make persuasive opening and closing statements.