Collective Bargaining Skills: Intensive training for employers and unions

Negotiation is taught in business schools and law schools the world over, but collective bargaining is a unique species of negotiation that requires specialized knowledge and experience. The Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto is one of the few academic institutions to incorporate specialized education in collective bargaining into a professional degree program. Now, in partnership with Lancaster House, the CIRHR is extending the opportunity to benefit from this training to all labour relations professionals, lawyers, bargaining committee members, and union executives and staff.

Through interactive skill-building exercises, participants will learn to:

– Plan for collective bargaining
– Participate effectively as a member of a union or management bargaining committee
– Use interest-based bargaining techniques to create win-win outcomes in appropriate situations
– Draw-out the interests underlying the other side’s bargaining position through active listening and questioning
– Handle conflict in negotiations with professionalism
– Understand when positional bargaining is unavoidable
– Meet the legal obligation to bargain in good faith