CCDC 29-2016: A Guide to Pre-Qualification Webinar

The CCDC webinar on May 12 will be on CCDC 29 – 2016: A Guide to Pre-Qualification. Pre-Qualification is a valuable part of the procurement process in construction. Understanding the purpose and application of the Pre-Qualification process is crucial for all parties involved, whether procuring or providing services or products. During this webinar, the CCDC will explain the underlying principles of Pre-Qualification and provide recommended best practices to assist Procurement Authorities, Consultants, Contractors, Design-Builders, Construction Managers, Subcontractors and Suppliers, among others, in carrying out and participating in the Pre-Qualification process.

A successful project begins with choosing appropriately qualified providers – join us to demystify the Pre-Qualification process and gain confidence meeting schedule, cost, and quality expectations on your next project!

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