Avoiding Common Problems in Residential Real Estate Closings

While many residential real estate closings go as planned, there are some problems that can delay or even thwart a closing. From last-minute financing troubles to disagreements about the fine print, these deal-busters present significant risks for buyers and sellers, and for their lawyers.

Can you recognize them before they spell trouble for you?

Do you have the knowledge and skills you need to safely save or terminate a transaction that falls apart?

This practical, 90 minute webinar will highlight common – and not-so-common – issues that can lead to catastrophe. Using real-world examples, experienced real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo will identify and explain problems that jeopardize real estate closings, and offer advice on how to avoid them, or address them when they occur. You’ll improve your ability to fully advise and protect your client, spot and understand red flags in key documents, resolve potentially devastating title defects, effectively handle transactions that do not close, and more.

Any real estate closing, no matter how seemingly ordinary, might have the key components for disaster. Get the clear transactional guidance and troubleshooting tips you need to avoid last-minute surprises, and represent your client with confidence. Register today and make sure your next real estate closing runs smoothly!

Live webinar with chat includes 60 day replay. This program features real-time audio of the presenter with synchronized presentation slides, and a chat feature that allows for live Q & A.