A Guide to Using an Equity Lens in Your Practice

You’re invited to our upcoming workshop ‘A Guide to Using an Equity Lens in Your Practice.’ At this workshop, the Society’s Equity & Access Manager Angela Simmonds will introduce our new Equity Toolkit.

When: Thursday, December 5, 2019, from 12:00-1:30 PM AST
Where: Join us in person at the Society’s office (Suite 800-2000 Barrington Street, Halifax) or join us via webinar.

Please note if you join us via webinar: You will receive the webinar link and login details prior to the session. We encourage webinar attendees who gather as a group to use one computer and one login as the session is limited to a maximum of 100 logins. Members are welcome to invite their staff to this session.

This toolkit will:

  • Help you to identify barriers to equity-seeking groups as they occur;
  • Help to guide adaptations to your policies, procedures and practices to eliminate barriers; and
  • Help you create new ways of working by considering equity, diversity and inclusion at the earliest stages rather than at the end to address systemic barriers.

Register here

To register you will need to log in to your NSBS Member Login. When you register you will be asked to identify if you will attend the event in person or via webinar.

Questions? Please contact Kerry Foss at kfoss@nsbs.org.