ERAssure® is proud to support you in your continuing professional development. In these user-friendly online sessions, you will learn how ERAssure protects the interests of both your legal team and the executor clients you serve.

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Clients, communities, and workplaces continue to evolve and become increasingly diverse. It is essential that we become more culturally competent, but that means more than just race or nationality. It is a proxy for how we deal with difference, whatever those differences may be (e.g. age, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, caregiver status).There is a strong moral imperative and …

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Issues: Whistle While You Work? Drawing the line on whistleblowing, free speech, and other forms of workplace expression.

More details about Whistle While You Work?: Drawing the line on whistleblowing, free speech, and other forms of workplace expression

Have you ever found yourself going to a standard form Power of Attorney, after carefully constructing a customized will? You’re not alone! Many lawyers approach Powers of Attorney as an afterthought or “add-on” to the will drafting process. But so called “standard” Powers of Attorney fail to account for a wide variety of issues that can jeopardize your client’s wishes and leave them and their …

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With opening remarks from Associate Chief Justice O'Neil, this session for family law practitioners will discuss new office policies in light of the pandemic. Other issues such as virtual consults, court closures, online dispute resolution options and the impact of social distancing on substantive family law issues (parenting, support, etc.) will also be covered.

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The CBA-NS Young Lawyers Section is pleased to invite you to hear from leading expert Dr. Michael Ungar on ‘Resilience during times of Change and Challenge'. In this inspiring, story-filled presentation, Dr. Ungar will use his research from around the world to explore twelve factors that are critical to our resilience, now more than ever.

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