Project Management for Lawyers

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Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 13:00
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Bring your next litigation or transaction in on time and budget! This program explains how lawyers can use the basic principles of project management to organize, plan, and monitor a variety of legal projects. Whether you're managing your first major project or just tired of improvising, leading legal project management expert Meg Spencer Dixon will give you the tools and confidence you need to define goals, break the project down into manageable phases, schedule tasks in logical sequences, and capture lessons learned for future projects. Meg’s methods will also help you improve client satisfaction by increasing the clarity and transparency of your communications. Valuable project management planning templates will become your go-to reference in the future. Sign up today and start increasing predictability, lowering costs, and reducing time waste!

Live webinar with chat includes 30 day replay. This program features real-time audio of the presenter with synchronized presentation slides, and a chat feature that allows for live Q & A.