The Global Pro Bono Run Jog Walk

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Sunday, December 9, 2018 (All day)
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The Global Pro Bono Run, Jog, Walk is an awareness-raising event celebrating the positive work of pro bono lawyers and legal service provider globally. This global event is held in the same 24 period with and will be showcased at, the Asia Justice Marathon (held in Thailand). Both awareness-raising events work hand-in-hand giving the opportunity for participation to persons across all the continents. 

A great way to connect with and meet colleagues from around the world using the RaceRunner app. After you have registered, you will be encouraged to “race-friend” to as many others also participating. When you are walking or running, you will hear notices about how your “race-friends” are going. For example, if you “race-friend” Mark who is running in Australia and Dung who is running in Vietnam, you may hear “Mark is just behind you” or “Dung is ahead of you running at 6km pace”.

Together let’s walk, run, jog with the world and celebrate the work of so many Pro Bono and Access to Justice providers globally, as they equally provide direly needed legal support for those in need.