Storytelling for Lawyers: A Narrative Approach

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Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 13:00
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Every legal argument involves the arrangement of the facts to suit your legal purpose. We are storytellers, but unlike the fiction writer, we have ethical restraints. We can’t make up facts. And we often don’t get to write the ending - that’s for the judge or jury. But we can still use the storyteller’s tricks and techniques to our advantage. We can present our story and its characters in a way that rings true. We can make our client the hero of the story, so our audience consciously or subconsciously roots for them to succeed. We can indicate what we want to the court, without insisting upon it. Piece by piece, we can bring our listener into the world according to our client. If we can do that, our chances of winning multiply.

That’s why it’s worthwhile to consider the essential elements of storytelling: plot, character, and style. The same tools that make a good fiction writer can also make you a successful lawyer. In this exciting new program, William Bernhardt, lawyer and New York Times bestselling author of more than forty books, shares those secrets. Bernhardt demonstrates the storytelling techniques that have been used successfully in both criminal and civil cases, and shows you how to apply these same strategies to your own writing to advance your client’s narrative. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to benefit from Bernhardt’s lifetime of learning.

Live webinar with chat includes 30 day replay. This program features real-time audio of the presenter with synchronized presentation slides, and a chat feature that allows for live Q & A.